Wish: The First Pixelton Animated Short

News: May 21st, 2008

I’m pleased to announce the first Pixelton animated short film, Wish. This mini-adventure has Kirby on the lamb to fuel his part-time occupation, amateur magician. The secret goal was to match a quality level close to 1950′s Disney or Studio Ghibli…but remove the talented army of artists they have on-hand and replace them with me. [...]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Drawing crap for fun and profit

News: October 6th, 2008

This is a sample page from my upcoming graphic novel, where you’re in control. The gong sounded last night, and so, I awoke from my cartoonist’s hibernation filled with ink and vitriol (and a small amount of boom boom). “To my blogging room!”, I declared in a exclamatory tone. And as I slowly walked from [...]