Here is the 30 second
pitch behind the comic:

What happens when a enchanted island of aging and discarded 8-bit heroes learn about life, love, and choice…all for the first time? Pixelton is their new enchanted island home.

Pixelton Residents

Kirby is an overwhelmingly heartfelt creature who will do anything for his friends. As a former 8-bit star he once had fame and fortune, but now broke and alone, he is trying hard to make the world a better place. {more info}

Fil the angry green pixel makes scrooge look benevolent. He’s always looking for ways to get rich and gain influence over the weak. On occasion, he is troubled with a short bout of morality. {more info}

Bugbear Video Game monster

Bugbear Eugene
Eugene likes to eat children much less then other Bugbears. He spends most of his time wandering the woods philosophizing about life (and hoping to find a wayward child).

The cutest chipmunk that ever lived

Cornmuffin the Squirrel
After surviving his tree pirate adventures, Cornmuffin can no longer return to the drab life of being a regular squirrel.

Mr. E Mayor
This strange fellow is the chosen leader of Pixelton. Though it is unclear who he exactly is, or where he came from, this lack of information helped him cleanly sweep the election. {more info}

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