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Discarded 8-bit Heroes Kirby and Fil

Pixelton was born in the good ol’ times of brimstone and moxy – April 2007.

Back then we believed that steam powered automatons would free us from our earthly duties allowing more time to learn to whittle in the name of God. Alas, such thoughts can now be seen for the gross and unadulterated tomfoolery they are. Such too was our belief in the great and powerful “Uncle Sam” who like Paul Bunyon before him, would grow to a height unseen by most men and go forth to smite our enemies. This too was misguided, though Uncle Sam did grow freakishly large but used his new found fame to star in posters – the movies of their day.

Luckilly this great nation had Fil, Kirby, and a fictional web-comic pixel town of 8 bit heroes to mend their wounds. And LOL Cats. Those things are hilarious.

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