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Here is the one minute pitch behind the comic:
What happens when a enchanted island of aging and discarded 8-bit heroes learn about life, love, and choice…all for the first time?

The Full Story

Once upon a time there was a magical gray box.
And inside this box sat very un-gray adventures. Within weeks every eight year old super genius could declare that they’d fought dragons, karate chopped kung-fu masters, outsmarted geometric shapes, fully lapped a friend while driving a monster truck and even saved a princess (or two) without telling a lie.

You know. You were there. But the magic wore off. Boxes break. And peoples attention spans are noticeably shorter when they’ve conquered a universe or two.

Winter 1989 – A whole country of discarded pixel creatures of 8-bit needed a new home…refugees from a collapsed world created by mankind. So in the name of unity they were welcomed into global society. Given new names, menial jobs, and worst of all new ideas. Try as they might the Pixel animals couldn’t help but feel infected by the cultures they were experiencing. These humans were their Gods after all. Pixels were created in their own image (just smaller and blockier).

In the gray box you can’t die.
In the gray box you are controlled by someone else.
In the gray box love doesn’t exist.

But when the 8-bit animals left the collapsing society, they left these rules behind them. After their whole little lifetimes they had to face the fact that were going to die now, but only once here. And that every action they took was fully under their control. Love was still a foreign concept to most.

Meanwhile, something bigger bubbled up – these 8-bits were better then people at their horrible soul-sucking jobs. People at least had the kindness to act disconnected when they worked their life into a dead-end. But to the pixels, this was a step up. A robot ninja bus-boy in Atlanta could clear a table in 3 seconds, and do it while grinning ear to ear. He was the slowest 8-bit in the country. Managers were dying to get their hands on 8-bits, the resumes of regular people were piling up fast. Soon signs began to appear “ONLY 8-BITS ALLOWED”. The people began to grumble.

The first riots were in the streets of Paris. Mothers couldn’t afford milk for their kids, meanwhile 8-bits were living like kings. The city was locked down quick, but not before 7 other riots in major cities broke out. Businesses were ripped apart, but the riots real goal was to take care of the Pixel creature problem. Many 8-bits were torn limb-from-limb. Leaders quickly realized they had a major problem on their hands.

Genocide is a people word. In the gray box it would have been impossible to convey, unless meaning comic violence and only until someone hits reset. When the mobs appeared at their doorstep most Pixels invited them in for cookies grinning earnestly. These kind creatures were never seen again. Hate groups spread, riots flared, and whispered stories of large groups appearing and whisking creatures away occurred each day.

The United Nations stepped in fearing an 8-bit retaliation they could not handle. All pixel people were herded up in great box car trains late at night, forced at gunpoint to be shipped to the nearest port. Packed so tight they could barely see a flicker of light through the seams in the door. Some passed away on the journey wondering what love was. And those that wouldn’t leave their new homes were criminals. Officers were ordered to shoot on sight, yet many decided to stay behind. Only in very special cases were other boats sent back to the island.

When the boxcars pulled up to the shore they saw big rusted monsters of tankers, meant to haul entire convoys of goods, now overloaded with thousands creatures. They sloshed across the world to a tiny island once used for nuclear tests, now no longer needed for a few thousand years.

Now free to make their own world, what do they do? These are their adventures.

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