Cubicle Ninjas

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Why has it been so quiet around here lately?! I totally hate that Josh guy. GRRRR!

Sorry Pixeltiers, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. This weekend there will be a new comic and a detailed look at where the book is. But here is one of the reasons for the abscence…

Introducing Cubicle Ninjas. This is the rebranded version of my personal portfolio. Cubicle Ninjas are like design and illustration warriors. Check out my design blog, or what some nice people had to say about us.

More cool comic related crap coming this weekend or I live-blog while I commit hara-kiri. :)

Kick, punch, chop, block,
- Josh

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5 insightful ideas to “Cubicle Ninjas”

  1. Avatarfluffy

    Huh! Just this morning I noticed a Pixelton ad on my comic and I wondered if there was just something wrong with your RSS feed and so I clicked on it and I saw, no, there just haven’t been any updates in a while! So I reread Pixelton and was all like “man I wonder if he’ll ever start drawing it again.” And then just a few hours later you post this.


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  2. AvatarHarlequin

    You’re ALIVE! Thank goodness! I was going to drive to your house if you didn’t update soon. But… I’m already packed, so… I’d better come over anyway. Make sure there’s food in the fridge!

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  3. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    Heh, thanks guys. :)

    I actually did die in the past months, but was forced to battle my way from the underworld back to the living. Talk about awkward…slaying the zombie versions of your family tree never gets easier. Well, maybe it does, but they look so sad when you destroy their ever-shrinking humanity.

    Unfortunately, my fridge is filled with said remains as I’ve heard zombie is wonderful. ZOMBIE SUMMER BBQ AT MY PLACE!

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  4. AvatarWasd (version 3.4.12 Limited Edition)

    I apologize for the quietness. Though it would help if there were some new content-bites to munch on (hint-hint).

    Oh, and I checked out the cuby ninjas. Very nice. If I ran a company and needed a hip-happening logo, I know where to look.

    Can’t wait for the video of your undead self attempting suicide! How would that even work, btw?

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  5. Avatargrosirdistributor

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