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Cubicle Ninjas

News: August 15th, 2008

Why has it been so quiet around here lately?! I totally hate that Josh guy. GRRRR! Sorry Pixeltiers, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. This weekend there will be a new comic and a detailed look at where the book is. But here is one of the reasons for the abscence… Introducing Cubicle [...]

Upcoming graphic novel – 140 Tree Slices

News: August 17th, 2008

The first 140 pages of the future Pixelton graphic novel are 100% inked. It took longer then I imagined, but I’m happy. It looks and reads well, and once I add some extra shine to the gaps I think the first section does exactly what it needs to. For once in my life I have [...]

Upcoming graphic novel – Apotheosis & Me!

News: August 31st, 2008

It seems like just the other day I was evading a large pack of wild dogs as they nipped at my heels. And instead of the usual flashbacks of repentance, I wished for Apotheosis. At the time I assumed my monkey brain was making up nouns again in a hopeful attempt to survive, but lo-and-behold [...]