A Note to the Wasp outside my Window:

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Hello. I’m the one inside. The one you must see as you dance across the glass.

I’m bashing against a keyboard instead of a window, but we’re similar you and I. Maybe you know this though. It would explain why you keep saying “hi”.

Anyways, I’d like to keep this brief as both our lives are short enough as it is – but I wanted to let you know I appreciate your visits and do not find you a pest.

- Josh

P.S. Please write back.

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8 insightful ideas to “A Note to the Wasp outside my Window:”

  1. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    PPS. The recent telegram accounts of my death are largely incorrect. The black and amorphous creature was in fact present, but he did devour my soul as the reporter indicated. It was merely a misunderstanding which the creature and I worked out far from the the prying eyes of the press.

    In reality, I’ve been illustrating a huge project for the Chicago Public Schools (alongside the Choose Pixelton book) which has sapped my time a bit. I apologize but will make it up to you with warm internet cookies as soon as they hatch from the proverbial oven.

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  2. AvatarKree

    Dear Josh,

    Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz.


    P.S. Buzz.

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  3. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment


    (Thanks Kree :D )

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  4. AvatarRyu



    I’ll have to check by like everyday.
    Just for the cookies ;P

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  5. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    WordPress ate my reply. <_<

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  6. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    Dear WordPress,

    Please quite being a jerk to the Cap’n before he hacks you with Windows NT. Seriously. He’ll do that.

    - Josh

    PS. You are invited for cookies as well if you play nice until the next comic.

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  7. AvatarWasd (version 3.4.12 Limited Edition)

    I wrote a similar note to a hornet that was residing in the portion of our house that was under construction, but mine was more of an eviction notice. I was just the messenger, but he must have taken offense toward me, as his response was a little off-color, but in the end he complied.

    It’s nice to have happy endings in these sorts of difficult public relation situations.

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