What to do when you are bored on a flight…

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What wouldn’t you like to see if you were on a 10-hour flight and a bit quezy?

American airlines bored on a flight

Don\'t Barf Bag bored on flight

don\'t barf bag seriously it is gross

I left this in the plane for the next flight and chuckled my way across the entire Pacific Ocean. :D

Using my powers for evil since 1982,
- Josh

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3 insightful ideas to “What to do when you are bored on a flight…”

  1. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    You sir, deserve a medal! Or at least one of those plastic clips that flight attendants gave kids on their first flight.

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  2. AvatarMiddlerun

    That is so awesome. Maybe they will do a Todd Goldman and steal the design to use on all their barf bags.

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  3. Avatarstormwhistle

    Very professionally done animation. Good work !!!

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