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Choice comic book

Months have passed since we’ve talked about THE EPIC CYOA GRAPHIC NOVEL, but fear not warriors!

The great news is I’ve finished inking almost all of the main story pages (130 completed right now), and to be very honest, it looks better then I imagined. The book will double in size over the next few months with the intro, ending, and sub-quests, but the core is here and it is solid.

We’re in the stages where everything is coming together so well that I can almost forget how much work it took to get here. And the nice thing is with a choice book if an area is slow I can easily add in a funny alternative without breaking much.

But enough on my end: what do you want to see in the book? I can promise that I will steal all of your best ideas and incorporate them. Unless they are too good in which I will turn emo. :D

Made of very finite win,

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6 insightful ideas to “Choose Your Own Adventure Graphic Novel – Gravity”

  1. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    These are weirder then I ever could have imagined. O_o

    L-O-V-I-N-G I-T.

    Oh, and is Desert supposed to be Dessert? A good chunk is set in a dessert, and I’m tired of drawing rocks. I may be self-conscious about all of the rocks to be honest…

    (In other words, I’m hoping this is a request for an ice-cream themed section. That I can get behind.)

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  2. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Ooh, ooh, reaching the savages in the name of the LORD! I mean, come on! Every adventure should have one of those! Failing that, I’d settle for (yeah, I know it’s not on the list) Eathing a magical bean soup, and breaking magical winds. In case the censors have a low hydrogen sulfate tolerance, I could go with time (and space) travel. But not your usual drive-to-work-get-stuck-in-traffic stuff.


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  3. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Eathing a magical…

    Eating. EATING, DAMN YOU!


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  4. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    @Cap’n: You sir are my hero. I’d wondered what the hell was going on with some of these ideas, but now I simply watch in silent awe. Anything I make will look interesting compared to some of these…

    But oddly enough, there is are some choices around a can of magical scratch-off beans. :D

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  6. AvatarSammy

    Wonderful submit! Planning to mail it to my moms and
    dads. I’m positive they will find it intriguing way too.

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