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May 30th, 2008

Career Change – Chia Pet – Pt 20

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Hello members of the “Super Happy Action Squad ™”! It seems like just the other day I explained this comic would be good and short. HA! Did you believe me? You forgot the first rule of the “Super Happy Action Squad™” – never believe me unless under gun point.

But to summarize the events: Fil became a pirate of the trees which included a walking tree ship to call his very own. After reading he could make his tree ship come to fully to life by sacrificing all of the local forrest’s loot into a toxic hippie brew, Fil steals anything he can get his hands on. In the middle of the scared ceremony, our plucky circle hero Kirby comes to the rescue with a band of wild creatures. But without a plan his best bet is to distract the awakening tree monster before the process is complete. As they made their escape the hippie brew overflowed its container, dissolving the bridges rope, and sending those aboard into the ocean below. The pirate butterfly blackmailed Fil to live in exchange for his title as pirate captain, keeper of the tree ship and crew. But while everyone else seems safe, one of the two squirrel first-mates was found covered in the toxic magic goo -

Looking for a good time? I give free panels. (Subscribers are better people.)

Or you can always go back in time. (88mph only please.)

Hero of the week: Wasd! Always funnier, more random, and significantly more interesting then the comics here, Wasd is my favorite form of basic. Can’t wait for VER. 3.4.12!

Psychadelic Inkblot:
tree squirrel zombie explosion

Boring Inkblot:

Funny cartoon squirrel exploding

Covered in blankets of shiny colors, empty without thick lines,

- Josh

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22 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Chia Pet – Pt 20”

  1. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    I should note that there were two squirrel helpers alongside Fil. So this is probably not Cornmuffin, the world’s cutest pirate sidekick squirrel…

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  2. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    Wow, I’ve been awarded a mutant squirrel-shrub for making a funny comment.
    This is the best website ever!

    And don’t worry, version 3.5 is in beta testing, with optional Premium membership in the works. Until then, 3.4.12 is on the way for quick fixes for all those nasty bugs in the previous release. (and yes, there is a rhyme and reason for the numbers. I just don’t feel like typing it all out on my iPhone right now and lengthening this comment any further.)

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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    His head just EXPLODED! That’s horrible and awesome. Awesomble. Horribsome!

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  4. AvatarKree

    See kids, this is why magic should be left to the professionals. This sort of thing almost never happens under wizard supervision.

    I’m morbidly curious now, did that tree grow out of him or is it a sin-against-god mutation? If it’s the latter that would mean that he’s technically still alive, albeit stuck as a shrub-tree thing. Being turned into a tree would be slightly less horrible than dying by an Alien-style tree, I would think.

    Lucky you, down here in Australia we have neither iPhones nor anything approaching an affordable mobile internet plan. :(

    Obviously it would be “Horresome” :P

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  5. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    @Kree: lol you just called the iPhone “affordable.” I only have one because I won it in a raffle. It has some useful features, like Internet available everywhere for free, but no Flash support or any video files not compatible with basic Quicktime. This wouldnt be so bad if I had something faster than dialup as my main Internet connection, so the iphone is my only means of viewing this site.

    Note to Apple: stick to computers! Phones are not the same as laptops.

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  6. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    @ Wasd: Holy moly Wasd, that is commitment! I have me some iPhone love, but Edge isn’t exactly the speediest beast to view my image heavy site. My hats are off to you!

    I picked an iPhone up because of many little reasons, but mainly I can’t find my way down the street on my own. My mind is the worst with street names, so much so that I barely know the names of the main street right off of mine and I’ve lived here five years. The maps with internet help ensure I never get lost next to my house again. :)

    @ Kree: That is a truly horresome idea! The next comic will continue to show what happens when squirrel and magic cauldron liquid meet. Poor Velociraptor is only starting to grow, and “the butterfly that shall not be named” is the captain at the helm…

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  7. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    @Josh: I laughed so hard at your comment, not because of its hilarity, but because it took 15 minutes and one reboot for the iPhone to load it. And all the images were broken. XD

    Yeah, the map feature has saved my own skin quite a few times. I just wish more of the features worked in a more user-friendly way, like *shudder* ringtones. Or wallpapers. And texting. And not having to reboot randomly for EDGE to work. :P

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  8. Avatarthat_dude

    oh god, thats worse then when your parents tell you not to eat the watermelon seeds due to their ability to grow in your stomach…

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  9. AvatarRyu

    My head always explodes when I don’t draw my comic for a really long time.
    Yeah. It kinda hurts >.<

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  10. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    (Wasd, I think the iPhone gods are watching us…)

    Ha…ha…I sure like Steve Jobs. Um, right? *Kra-chow!*

    @that_dude & Ryu: I’m going to try both at the same time for the next comic!

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  11. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    Err, yes! And that Macbook Air. What a beautiful piece of art crafted into a, um, breeze of silicon?

    Wait, you’re going to grow watermelon while not drawing comics? What kind of sick farmer are you?

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  13. Avatarreiff

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