Wish: The First Pixelton Animated Short

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Kirby in searching the stars in Pixelton

I’m pleased to announce the first Pixelton animated short film, Wish. This mini-adventure has Kirby on the lamb to fuel his part-time occupation, amateur magician.

The secret goal was to match a quality level close to 1950′s Disney or Studio Ghibli…but remove the talented army of artists they have on-hand and replace them with me. On my first full animation. OH CRAP. [Deletes post] The fact that I’m willing to share this secret goal means I’m closer then I dared to dream. At the moment it is entirely 720p and just as detailed as the weekly comics.

Please keep an eye out next month for its debut and I hope you enjoy it!

Tweening between keyframes,
- Josh

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5 insightful ideas to “Wish: The First Pixelton Animated Short”

  1. AvatarTim Hrading

    Looking forward to it Josh!

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  2. AvatarHarlequin

    Definitely can’t wait to see it! Do your best!

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  3. AvatarWasd (version 3.4.11 Basic)

    Wow, sounds like it will be very exciting. I suspect the pic is one of the frames, which in that case, awesome job Josh! I’m sure the other posts confirm that you have at least three people waiting :P

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  4. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    Thanks guys! :)

    (By the way, major congrats on another win Tim! 2pStart! in unstoppable.)

    And you’re absolutely right Wasd, the image is a shot from part of the movie. This is a slow pan into Kirby’s face as the smoke whips by him and he looks up to see something special… I started reading “Illusion of Life” by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson and I realized I needed to finish this movie up in honor of Ollie’s passing last month.

    But a new comic should be hitting this weekend to keep things fresh around here!

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  5. AvatarJOSH B.

    when is it coming out?

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