Video Joysplosion – May 2008

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Helmets on? CHECK.
Seatbelts strapped securely? YEPPERS.
Dolphins wearing the fake googly eye glasses? BRING IT DOLPHINS.


NOTE: I’m not responsible for your eyes melting due to the sheer concentrated joy contained on this page. (But if that happens send me a picture, because it sounds kind of cool.)

Still have my eyeballs,
- Josh

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One unique soul has a thought to “Video Joysplosion – May 2008”

  1. AvatarMeecrob

    Damn you Josh! Only one of my eyes melted! Now i have no depth perception :( I’ll get my revenge, just you wait. But seriously that last video, that was awesome. Anybody know that guys name? Did anybody see the first Hostel, the melting eyes thing reminded me of that, and then i threw up on my lap.

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