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May 12th, 2008

Career Change – Accidento – Pt 19

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Hello internet friends! I’ve been stuck in the dregs of an ancient Ice Cavern for weeks. Luckily, I was able to hollow out a snow monster and ride to freedom just in time to post this comic weeks late. Joy!

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Hero of the week: Raptaur!
Thanks very much for the kind thoughts Raptaur. Society tells us to consume so much, that we forget how wonderful it can feel to create without a boss harping over us pushing fear or deadlines. Sure, it is harder – but I think there is quite a bit of joy forged out of sweat. Here’s to your new unstoppable project! (And the wonderful terror that comes with a blank page)

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Inked Comic:
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In honor of the fact that someone found my last rant worth scanning, I thought I’d share another.

The last time I saw my Dad was when I was three years old.

I received a card from him once. On my fourth birthday he sent me a greeting card with a big cartoon animal on it exclaiming “Happy Birthday”. At that time I was enthralled about receiving mail, and about the cartoon animal, and I never seemed to acknowledge that the funny comic animal was his standby. A bit part for an absent actor wandering offstage. But the silly animal held up fine considering the short term notice. (His name was Frank Farkas and if you ever meet him, be sure to kick his ass for me.)

That was it. My dad was gone, and I never saw or heard from him again.

And so without any remotely male influence in my life (being an only child in an extended family of only women) I did what any young man would do – I dressed in full army clothes and started reading books featuring General George S. Patton and WWII strategy. At six I asked to shave my head and wear only camouflage.

To suffice it to say, I was a strange little kid. Then I joined Boy Scouts. Then little baseball. Then …well you get the idea. I spent years doing this kind of crap, mostly with my wonderful mom’s support.

I was looking for what it was to be uniquely male. But after 20 years of searching I never found it. And I learned these groups don’t hold any answers. But we all go through this process of exploration at one time or another. Taste-testing different alternate lives, and that is magical and wonderful thing…

My point here is you need to define yourself before anyone else can.
All of the answers to your questions are inside you if you look hard enough. There is no one right way to live, and no one right organization to tell you who you should become. Ask the heavy questions of yourself that make you uncomfortable, and eventually you’ll find some answers. When you come to peace with this, and what you find, you can do anything without asking for anyone’s permission.

(This may sounds obvious and simple to some of you, but trust me, I wish I’d read this at fifteen. Sometimes the simple thoughts are the hardest to accept.)

News: Tons of news to share, so stay tuned tomorrow!

Made with love and lead paint,

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20 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Accidento – Pt 19”

  1. AvatarRyu

    It’s alright man.
    Kind of the same thing.
    I’m 15 right now, and I haven’t talked to my dad in 4 years. I have a step-dad though, who actually cares for me. And I saw my biological father in Meijer twice. He never said a word. Yet, he knows who I am.

    Anyway, Great comic!
    Keep up the great work dude!
    *And good luck with the book!*

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  2. AvatarDeanna

    Josh….You were a cute kid!!!!

    I join you in the ranks of MIA dads. I never ever met my biological father. Last time I saw my
    adopted father was 14 years ago and my step father walked out of the family 7 years ago.
    There are a lot of great dads out there though…my kids are lucky to have my husband as
    their dad.

    On a happy note…your latest comic is stunning…simply gorgeous !!! Love it.

    Great seeing you the other night…keep in touch.


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  3. AvatarNkuhn550

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MR CORNMUFFIN CAN NOT BE DEAD!!!!!!!!!! Fil must pay for his carelessness!!!!!!! Comic looks amazing.

    As for your youthful soul searching, you are right in finding your path the right way. Nobody but you can ever tell you who you are, and you’ve grown into an extremely strong person from the path you traveled.

    Trust me, you’ve done the hardest thing in the world, and that’s figuring yourself out, and embracing it with complete disregard for anybody’s approval. Self-realization is one of the biggest problems with society today, and you truly are ahead of most of the world.

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  4. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    Hey thanks Ryu! Oddly enough I always thought I saw my dad once sitting in a mall too. Very surreal.

    And wow, I never know that Deanna. It sure sounds like this is far too common. I wonder what is within us that allows people to be so cold? Being around Amber (who is a second-grade teacher) I’m continually reminded that there are tons of wonderful parents, and this is the best medicine I could take. Thanks so much for the kind words about the comic. :D

    As for Nate: God bless you buddy. Right on. Self-realization is the most important tool in living a happy life.

    Oh, and we’ll see the fate of the poor squirrel sidekick in the next comic (which I’m inking right now due the month lateness of this one). :)

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  5. AvatarWasd (ver. 3.4.11 Basic)

    Wow, I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been fortunate to be born within a good environment, so I can’t even begin to fathom how this has made you feel over the years. But, considering where you are currently, you’ve been rather lucky! It could have ended up a thousand more terrible ways than where you are today. Some people can’t even live on their own after being abandoned, or even feel they should live at all. Again, you’ve been spared a whole mess more of suffering.

    On the topic of a certain comic: shock and suspense! What has happened to dear Cornmuffin? Has he given up the ghost, or are the magical properties of the cauldron’s contents seeping into his matted fur, turning him into a mutant-zombie-pirate-squirrel? Will the inhumanities against rodents ever cease?

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  6. AvatarHarlequin

    Hey Josh. Sorry I haven’t been leaving comments — I’ve had some crazy nonsense of my own to deal with. I wanted to say thank you, though, for sharing your story with us. It takes a lot of bravery and trust to be able to open up like that.

    I’ve had both of my parents for my entire life. I know I’m very blessed to have had them. We all have our own stories, our own identity issues, and it’s wonderful to see you’ve worked through yours and discovered who you are. Some people never do. But when who you are and who you want to be match up, it’s…beautiful. Well done.

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  7. Avatarspeearr

    Dude, thanks for the comment! I must admit I linked to your comic because it looks impossibly polished and amazing, and I was planning to go through the archives but didn’t have the time. Well now I do…

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  8. Avatarjhorsley3

    I found your comic from a project wonderful ad that was on my site and thought I would check it out. I LOVE your artwork for your comic. It is amazing.

    Then I read your right up and started getting sad.

    Then I finished reading it and found hope again.

    Good show all around!

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  9. AvatarJosh Farkas
    Author Comment

    Thanks so much guys. The kind words REALLY do help me remember why I make these dumb drawings… :D

    (PS. You rock Harlequin. If I’m ever a parent, I pray they a fraction of how earnest and caring you are!)

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