Ira Glass made me cry (Or wonderful videos on storytelling)

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If you fancy yourself a wordsmith please enjoy these stunning talks with Ira Glass, of This American Life Fame. Reasons why Ira forced me to publish them after the jump…

When I listen to Ira Glass talk here my heart sings.

Not metaphorically or off-the-cuff, it literally buzzes with joy.

It wells up, and over-flows, and rejoices in his words. I wish I could bottle this feeling and share it with you. Sell it on tap. Keep a few in the house, in the office, one in the car, just to remind myself why I exist. Take one whiff and I’d be back on track. Take two and I’d have dropped everything to finish a page leaving my car idling at a stoplight.

The skinny man made me cry on video three. And I don’t cry about much. But his honest advice, sweetly telling us to bridge that quality gap in our work hits home. I imagine that is what a father would be like.

Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, once said “You have 10,000 bad pages in you.”. Once you get those out of the way you’ll be able to the good ones. If my math is correct, I only have 9,286 to go. I wonder if when I get there I’ll be able to make people’s heart’s sing too?

- Josh

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