Quick Updates: A Pixelton Game?!

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Hello people of March. A double dose of free stuff is going to hit these pages in the next 24 hours. So stay tuned, tell everyone you know who likes free as an adjective, grab a beverage, and warm your internets for downloading.

The one and only Harlequin made a really nice tutorial on how to illustrate using vectors. I thought people here might enjoy it as much as I did, so…um…consume away. And if you have anything cool you think others would like shoot it my way!

I’ve been busting overtime on an 8-bit Pixelton game which will be coming out very soon. Possibly this week. It has been a ton of work but if you enjoy it I do have a few more being built. More screens and info to come very soon. It took all weekend but the animation and audio are live and it is really a fun little diversion…

Here is an early sample sprite:
Pixelton 8bit game Vampire Cloud

Finally, a new comic is underway heading for mid-week. Thanks for reading!

Drowning in Actionscript,
- Josh

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10 insightful ideas to “Quick Updates: A Pixelton Game?!”

  1. AvatarHarlequin

    Holy crap, a game?! With sprites?! That’s awesome! And please don’t let my potato picture fool you, I’m honestly pretty good, promise! My latest two DeviantArt submissions are proof of that, I’d say. But I’m really curious about this game, Josh! What program did you use to make it?

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  2. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Thanks Harlequin! I’m building this game entirely in Flash with a help from a few coders in China. I’ll also probably make downloadable versions so people can play offline. And all of these will be the lost adventure of Kirby and Fil. But there will be leaderboards so you can test your skill against others.

    This game is very simple and similar to Balloon Fight or Ice Climber in that it is simple but has a few tricks for better scores.

    It has been interesting learning how to balance a game. I never expected it to be so hard. Especially since I can’t code so I have ideas which I have to fight to implement!

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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    It sounds awesome, though. I wonder if there’s any chance you could get it available on the Wii’s Virtual Console? They have a WiiWare feature coming out in a little while that lets lesser-known developers publish their games and make them available for download… that would be freaking awesome.

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  4. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha, that would be wonderful. It isn’t anything special so we’ll see what you guys think!

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  5. AvatarNate (the arguably) Great

    Isn’t anything special???? If it resembles balloon fight (best NES game ever) even to some slight degree in awesome-ness, i’d pay to play it on my wii.

    Hell, it’d give me an excuse to turn it on more than bi-weekly.

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  6. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    You turn your Wii on bi-weekly?! Holy crap.

    Tell me your secrets!

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  7. AvatarKree

    Well, technically you COULD play it on your Wii, through the Opera Browser :P There’s that Wii Opera SDK floating around somewhere that allows flash games to use the Wiimote as well, if Josh chose to implement it.

    Or you could just do what I do and hook the Wiimote up to the PC with a Bluetooth dongle and map it to keyboard keys in GlovePIE. The Wiimote makes for a handy wireless gamepad :)

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  8. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Love the SDK idea Kree. That might actually work with one of these…thank you. Had no idea that was floating out there.

    The goal is to get these on a ton of sites such as Kongregate, etc as it might draw in other impressionable like minded folk to join the 8-bit revolution ahead of us.

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  9. AvatarKree

    Ooh I love Kongregate! :D Here’s my profile-thingamajig:

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