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(This is this Wednesday’s peek into the inking of the graphic novel as it moves forward. )

So it is odd that in a comic about a town of retired 8-bit heroes you’ve never seen the actual town, no?  The secret is that I’ve been saving this gooey morsel for the book. Lots of action across the whole enchanted island left to explore but the town is a whole different set of zeros and ones I want you to interact with firsthand.

“But what does the life of the average domesticated video game action hero entail?”, you ask rhetorically at your screen. But then your screen responds:

Cereal. Lots of Cereal. And when there is no Cereal, THERE WILL BE BLOOD! (Fun fact #1: Cereal is ancient Mayan for the word penguin.*)

And I have good news to report on progress – I’m dipping into the 100+ inked page mark very soon with pencils past 200+ pages. What was a bunch of finished drawings is slowly turning into a book! Who knew? I bet cereal did.

Free Prize Inside,
- Josh

* Fun Fact #2: Fun Fact #1 is completely untrue!

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4 insightful ideas to “Choose Your Own Adventure Graphic Novel – Domesticated 8-bit Life”

  1. AvatarNate (the arguably) Great

    Dude, you are hilarious. I don’t know why you continue to amaze me with your amazingly funny random humor, as I spend more time with you than my family on a regular basis, but Cereal a myan word for penguin?

    You are a god amongst men, my friend.

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  2. AvatarHarlequin

    I was WONDERING about the town! Man, you’re saving ALL the good stuff for the book. Can’t say I blame you, though. Just make sure there’s a copy for me! Speaking of which, have you thought about autographing a couple million of your books when they’re published for us adoring fans, and me?

    Oh yeah, also, I put up my vector art tutorial. It doesn’t go into huge amounts of detail, but I’m pretty proud of it. if you wanna check it out, it’s here:

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  3. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Thanks guys!

    (And I’m posting your video Harlequin. It is really well handled!)

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  4. AvatarHarlequin

    Wow, really?! Thanks! I’m flattered!

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