CYOA Comic Wednesday – Big Monsters Edition

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The new Choose Your Own Adventure, Pixelton Graphic Novel moves forward each day. Lumbering slowly and methodically down paths I never intended it to reach. Soon it will be ready to be unleashed on the unwilling masses. Let the hype begin!

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This week’s taste test is an early sample of a page we’d seen before. But now it is at a hyper large internet destroying resolution. Here Kirby is fighting one of the great beasts within his journey.

The unique thing , which hasn’t been added yet so you’ll have to use your imagination – is that this is a choice map. There are about 6 points here where you can choose to explore and all will lead to very different results. As a matter of fact they all encourage exploration and will bring you to even more pages just like this. The goal was always to build an interactive adventure where you were never bored, or felt you took a bad path…

Thanks for reading!

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- Josh

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5 insightful ideas to “CYOA Comic Wednesday – Big Monsters Edition”

  1. AvatarHarlequin

    Woah, woah, does Kirby have HAIR?!

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  2. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha – amazing catch Harlequin! He actually has a helmet to protect his precious orange melon. Part of his new job requirements. You should see what Fil had to wear instead!

    But I’m so used to drawing him with this cap all of these strips where he is bald simply feel weird.

    I guess you could say funny hats are an ongoing theme…

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  3. Avatarnate the 'agruably' great

    The Kirby action figure has the helmet too, right?

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  4. AvatarHarlequin

    Oh, okay. I was thinking maybe this took place in his younger days, when he had a full head of hair. Hey, I wouldn’t put it past you. But he doesn’t seem ‘old’ to me, in his current incarnation. Wow, talk about overthinking this…

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  5. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    @Nate: Yeah! Great catch. When I become part of a team of detective crime fighters I want you both onboard.

    I did break the toy accidently so I need to make a better one. He feel over and ripped his own arm off.

    @Harlequin: Love the train of thought going on! :D

    You’re right though that this is a bit younger Kirby. We learn what the island is, see him arrive and learn why this is very special. And then he gets a job where he needs a special hat.


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