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February 12th, 2008

Career Change – The Wrath of Mother Nature – Pt 13

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Only a few days before Valentines’ Day and no special loved one nearby? Take solace in this…

If love is literally one in a million and there are 6.5 billion people inhabiting this spinning rock… Then there are 6,500 people made just for you. Go get ‘em tiger!

For everyone that is well adjusted enough to have significant others AND read comics – you are a rare and special breed. But similar to Pandas you do not reproduce in comparison to your horny cousin, the rabbit. In many ways you are like a game of D&D where you roll a special strike for extra damage not once, not twice, but three times in a row. (In many situations in life I would have to explain this line…but not here. We simply acknowledge the elephant in the room and move on.)

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Hero of the week: Ryu the HedgeWolf. Yay – three cheers for nice HedgeWolves who like Pixelton! See more of Ryu’s great art at his DeviantArt page.

Inked Page:
Thin bridge with a tree some squirrels and a butterfly

Color Page:

Ten tips for coloring comics

I’ve been working on overhauling this site for a while so keep an eye out for the new and improved edition. Much more impactful and retro then the current theme. It should also have some pixelton themed ga – ACK – I’ve said too much.

And all fingers crossed for the TV series edition of my old book. I learned that it has an animated studio signed on to create it, and was pitched to the biggest TV stations out there. If you cross you fingers and everything works out, I’ll personally fly my solid gold helicopter to your house to say thanks.  :)

(The engineers are currently attempting to see if would be possible to have a solid gold helicopter according to something called “gravity”. If things work out I’ll buy this “gravity” and make them pay for attempting to sanction my helicopter building materials.)

Your friend through, on, in, between, and with comics,*
- Josh

* This post brought to by “The Preposition”. Remember, you can’t do a damn thing without it.

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19 insightful ideas to “Career Change – The Wrath of Mother Nature – Pt 13”

  1. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Wow, excellent news, Josh!

    *crosses all of his fingers, toes, bodily hairs*


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  2. AvatarHarlequin

    See, this is why I don’t go to places with forests.

    Reply to this comment.
  3. Avatarthat_dude

    Mother nature’s a dirty fighter? you learn something everyday!

    also. is that an upside cloud of doom i see there?

    Reply to this comment.
  4. Avatarnate the 'agruably' great

    * This post brought to by “The Preposition”.

    So glad I know what this means. It’s waaaay to life-changing to miss on an inside joke / reference.

    Keep up the good work my old friend. What you are doing is so much greater and more important than what most of those 6.5 billion people do in such a routine nature during their endlessly ongoing and mundane days.

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  5. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha, ha – thanks guys! I always think your comments are funnier then the comic they’re aligned with…seriously…just so you know. :)

    Me makes semi-purty comics on an irregular basis. I should hope 6 billion do something actually beneficial to mankind.

    But until I have proof I’ll continue to violate all that I hold sacred. WAHHHHOOOO!

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  6. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    PS. Nothing is more mundane than drawing comics. This I promise you. We’re below mimes in the art school totem pole.

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  7. AvatarMiddlerun

    This comic is steadily getting more and more insane. And by insane, I mean awesome. How do you do that wood effect?

    Are there still hidden messages because I am getting an uncontrollable subliminal urge to eat cheese. But then, I always do.

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  8. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha – thanks Middlerun! It is all about to hit the weirdness fan in the next few strips.

    Regarding the coloring, my big secret is I only two tools after I fill in the swatch colors: Dodge and Burn. These are meant for photographers to darken and lighten their images, but it works great for comics. It will automatically darken or lighten the color you have below it.

    I set up the dodge or burn tool to a high amount, select the area I want to color with the wand, and think like a tree and start adding lines.

    Oh and the cheese thing here too. There must be something in the water between Chicago and the UK…

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  9. AvatarRyuthehedgewolf

    Hey man! Thanks for the Hero of the Week thing!

    Again, love the comic. Can’t wait for the book, definitely going to buy ^_^

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  10. AvatarMeecrob

    Wow, I cant believe how much this is taking off. I remember you hinting about this big project something around 4 years ago when I took your comic class at COD. I’m crossing my fingers for you so hard, i’m pretty sure two of them have broken.

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  11. AvatarMiddlerun

    I’m Australian actually. Must be something in the air instead because there’s no water here.

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  12. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    CRAP! The ModRocker through me off something fierce. Another reason to like Australia I suppose… (Sorry :P )

    And thank you Ryu! Keep up the great art mate.

    Hey Meecrob, thanks! If you survived that horrible class I’m sure you can survive anything right?

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  13. AvatarMeecrob

    I suppose i have survived a lot, but you helped me survive by destroying any interest i had in making comics. You assured me that that path in life is equivalent to a stroll through hell. And now I’m a millionaire so, uh thanks i guess.

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  14. AvatarMeecrob

    I’m just feeding you a bucket of meecrob, i didn’t listen to you at all in that class.

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  15. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    DOUBLE CRAP! The goal was to remove all possible interest people may have had in comics. It only leads to heartbreak…and then there is the need to draw tiny boxes everywhere.

    Why must I fail so Meecrob?

    Ha, ha – well it looks like you are posting from SCAD, so seems things worked out in the end. Congrats, SCAD is a wonderful school. I’m most likely the last person to praise a college, but I love me some SCAD.

    (Plus, it is so fun to say. SCAD. )

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  16. AvatarMeecrob

    How did you know? Are you some kinda crazy wizard with a huge brain that absorbs all knowledge? But if your that smart, why do you always fail, this is quite a conundrum. But yeah SCAD, its meh, learning to animate my comic book characters. WOO, heres to the dieing art of drawn animation!

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  17. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Ninja skills.

    I have ninja skills.

    But the work your talking about at SCAD sounds wonderful. Feel free to share a link and I’ll whore it out for all to see. Least I can do for making you hate life and all… :D

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  19. AvatarCle

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