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Some of you may know that this webcomic is merely a charleton compared to the megaton of entertainment coming. I’ve been working on a Choose Your Own Adventure, meets Encyclopedia Brown, meets puzzle book, meets retro game fan fiction for far too long now. I’m very pleased to report that it has been really jumping forward lately.

In fact, I’m nearing 100-inked pages and closing on completing the main chapter. And it is really looking and feeling solid at this early state. So much that I’ve decided to expand a few sections even further. So, um…yay team.

CYOA comic adventure with SMB2 select screen
[Click the image to see a nice new page still in progress]

This is near the beginning, after a short intro explaining lots of the stuff I don’t in the webcomic. It is rough, without BG’s, panels, or color. But it is based off of a character select screen from Super Mario Bros 2. :D

Entirely unrelated and ranty…

I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a particular documentary a few years back. You see, I love documentaries as they make me feel exciting. PBS in general has this effect. But this one pretended to look boring while it silently drilled its way into my teenage mind. Quickly the beast erased the name of its creator, surely an instinct left over from years of evolving. All I have left is the premise of this film:

A man invites all other people with his exact name in the United States to his house for dinner. 50 people show up to talk about their own versions of this same life.

Simple idea. But it really brought out some sort of primal desire in me. And with the wide use of high-speed internet it could be said we’re all at a dinner party against mirrored versions of ourselves. Think of it as a time trial where instead of goofy track shorts and stop watches we have web spiders and user generated content.

And so the quest was born: Destroy all other Josh Farkas. Wipe their names from history. Make them a shadow in the footnotes of internet bits. But they won’t go down without a fight. First there is Joshua Farkas, esq, a lawyer at Stein, Farkas, & Schwartz in Brooklyn. Then there is a Josh Farkas, who I believe is a math and science scholar at Brown who writes AP books. I’m sure there are more but these two guys I kept running into again and again.

Its an ongoing battle. And in the back of my mind I know it is probably worse than those folks with minivans who procreate for entertainment…but I guess I lost this round. Mother nature’s quaint desire to make me a vicious killing machine has one out. Except instead of a spear I have a Wacom tablet.

Have at you.

Oh – new comic coming soon. Definitely Thurs or Fri!

Dreaming in print when electric is king,
- Josh

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8 insightful ideas to “Choose Your Own Adventure Comic Wednesday”

  1. AvatarHarlequin

    You must destroy all your dopplegangers before THEIR Pixelton books are published first, Josh! I’ll help!

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  2. AvatarIf your name is Joshua go to page 13...
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha. I’ll best them in resurrecting everything I loved in the 80′s yet! (Err – wait a tick…)

    And I have to say the same goes for anyone reading this. If you need to “take care” of any of your evil twins (or good twins) then just let me know. Comic artists are famous for our massive biceps and ghostly white skin.

    For example they modeled this article off of me. But the forgot commandment 11: “Thou shalt not show a man placing a man’s face within his posterior and claim to be an educational piece of Journalism.”

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  3. AvatarKree

    Haha, have you been watching some Jet Li Sci-Fi then? XD Don’t you know that one of these Josh Farkas will rise up and defeat you in an action-packed kung fu showdown? :P

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  4. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    That may very well be, but… I bet that evil kung-fu Josh sucks at making comics!


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  5. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    I hope so Cap’N! My luck they all decided to become assassins instead ‘ala the Jet Li future. [Looks under chair nervously]

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  6. AvatarFelonious Tub

    I am definitely looking forward to this book. If you need any help with any Aussie Josh’s, just let me know.

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  7. Avatarthat_dude

    can i marry that book? can i?

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  8. AvatarNate

    Nice. I’ll protect you from your dopplegangers josh!

    Felonious Has the Aussie connection, and i’ll be your local protection! Not like in a lame kevin costner-bodyguard way, but I got your back from across town, and with my ever growing feline army, some lawyer from NY doesn’t stand a chance!

    You’re in good hands – There’s nothing so intimidating as a 250lb human using a pair of 6lb cats for protection. We are unstoppable!!!!

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