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January 25th, 2008

Career Change – Boyscout’s Honor – Pt 11

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Update 1/27: Fancy color edition now available.

Good Friday to you the coalition of sequential interfriends! Hope everything is going good on your end of the magic glass we communicate with. My glass side is very fine. A bit chilled but otherwise most comfortable.

Thanks for reading too! As always. It makes me smile to know that others smile even when I don’t. Maybe I’m eating a taco, or sleeping, and yet there are other crawling through my mind. Sort of a reverse Schadenfreude. I believe they call this kindness. Ugh. Ugly words.

New to the party?! Check out the beginning of this ten page story HERE or you can always subscribe and fulfill my life’s dream of making comic for a living. It costs less then nothing.

This comic may look a bit stark right now, but I’m trying two new things to get a pages up quicker lately. This is one. Posting comics in an early form to view first. In the next day or two I’ll have the color edition complete and uploaded in its place. It makes for double the fun I suppose. But it will be all shiny and gradientized until your retinas will burn with candy coating soon enough. I dip each comic in a vast of boiling junior high trapper keepers until they are ready to be released.

Hero of the week: Bug! I’ve really been shocked by all of the nice people that stop by and say “hi” and Bug has been cool enough to stop by and share his ideas almost every strip. Better yet, he’s always funny and talking about interesting things I’ve never heard of…Pixelton is lucky to have him on board! Thanks Bug!

2008 is cursed: A few more eerie malfunctions to report. My 360 died once again, my DS is dying, and I spent all day in the hospital getting tests taken. Here is hoping I’m not the last to fizzle out. :|

Last but not least, the upcoming book has made major strides. I seriously appreciate your patience in dealing with the comic gaps here. What is odd is that in the time it takes to do 1 web strip I can do 3 better pages for the book. I’ve begun to pass the page 100 mark and this isn’t even taking into account the more lofty graphic design areas which drench this thing. Should be a fun year!

Inked Page:
Pixelton 8bit hero Kirby Inked comic

Color Page:
Pixelton 8bit hero Kirby Inked comic color version

First Posted Version:
Old boring comics

Made in the US until our economy collapses spectacularly which I’d then be a comic artist mercenary for the highest bidding country,
- Josh

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9 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Boyscout’s Honor – Pt 11”

  1. AvatarHarlequin

    Josh! You’re alive!

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  2. AvatarIf your name is Joshua go to page 13...
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha – figuratively speaking only. Literally I’m non-existant.

    I’m like the heath in Wuthering Heights.

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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    Oh, great, I’m on a haunted website.

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  4. Avatarthat_dude

    man, if i were a haunted website. i’d make it so that i’d have a real enticing and cool link, and then one to something no one likes (like the mating rituals of the guava fruit) and then when people would try to click the first link, the second link would move up in front of your mouse to spite you.

    that or have secret kittens everywhere

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  5. AvatarIf your name is Joshua go to page 13...
    Author Comment

    Instant win that_dude. Prepare to see the new and improved Pixelton website featuring only two kitten influenced haunted links soon!

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  6. AvatarDeanna

    How about a two headed kitten_guardian of the haunted links???

    Check this out:


    It’s pretty wild and a bit creepy!


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  7. AvatarIf your name is Joshua go to page 13...
    Author Comment

    How about a two headed kitten_guardian of the haunted links???

    Check this out:


    It’s pretty wild and a bit creepy!


    O – O;

    Severely spooky. The links will no longer be ghosts, two headed, or kitten related. I think your video broke me.

    Reply to this comment.
  8. Avatarthat_dude

    lol, that link, if anything, just makes me wish i were a two headed kitten even more.

    was I the only one to think “we are Siamese if you please” when they saw the kitten(s)?

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  9. Avatardomain

    Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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