9 Days in 2008

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Hello people of today!

So here I am nine days into the new year, and it feels like I may have travelled into the future. Nine days ago my design company had a few less gigantic clients (we just signed American Express!). Nine days ago I didn’t know my old graphic novel was going to be republished by Platinum Studios. Nine days I ago I didn’t know I’d pass the 75% on inking the Pixelton book. I even booked a trip for Hawaii! Holy crap, good new year things each day it seems.

I even opened a fortune cookie and it said “One day you will be a noble philanthropist.” I’m pretty sure I could destroy the sun with my mind, if I so chose. The cookie told me so.

Nothing Left to Lose
(If you aren’t familiar with this book, click the giant book cover to download it in full as a PDF. Who says I don’t care? WHO?!)

Nine days ago I had no clue every mechanical object in my house would revolt against me either. In the past days I’ve had one dead car battery, one flat tire, three leaky car pipes, one broken garage door, and a toaster which I’m pretty sure is plotting to kill me. And worst of all my tablet is dying. The lifespan on these things is years but it is getting very bad for me in less then one. (Which hasn’t helped my lust for the new Cintiq 12WX. It looks so kewl and tempting.)

(I’m aiming to have a new comic for Friday and share a Pixelton book page on Saturday. Wee!)

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3 insightful ideas to “9 Days in 2008”

  1. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Can’t say too much about the year yet, I’ve mostly been working but at least no electrical device have tried to kill me so that’s a plus.
    And for everyone that hasen’t read “Nothing Letf to Lose” yet, definitely do it because it’s a great read at a great price. ;)

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  2. AvatarKree

    *is skimming over old entries* Hey I just noticed you mentioned that your tablet was dying. Is it by any chance related to the cord? I’ve noticed that the cord on the Wacom Graphires are very flimsy. It took ages for them to replace the cord on mine when it broke, and then when the cord broke yet again I was fed up and replaced it with my own cable.

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  3. AvatarJoshie McFarkas the III
    Author Comment

    Hey thanks Kree.

    It ended up being the film that covers the drawing area. I had no idea this was actually replaceable so my life got much better when I found out.

    That is great info that you can replace the cord too. My biggest fear is that this thing dies on me, so any stories that talk about saving a tablet from certain death make my day!

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