2 Hours in One Minute: Speed Coloring Video for #36

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Presents. Friendship. Santa’s noble but endlessly futile death. What more could one ask for in a holiday comic diversion?

Stay tuned for the announcement of the BIG SUPER SECRET PIXELTON BOOK SURPRISE® tomorrow night!

Stuck in 2007,
- Josh

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2 insightful ideas to “2 Hours in One Minute: Speed Coloring Video for #36”

  1. AvatarIf your name is Joshua go to page 13...
    Author Comment

    YouTube ate this one. Ick. :|

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  2. AvatarHarlequin

    Ahaha! With this video I can steal your methods and release Welcome To PixeltoWn, starring Korby and Paul! Ahahaha! Aha! Ha! AHAHAHA! Ha!

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