Mr Pitiful is in fact not Pitiful

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Happy Saturday! Only three days left to add value to 2007. No pressure.

A few weeks back I went to see my buddy (and business partner) take over Chicago’s Subterranean. He is currently #69 in Most Subscribed YouTube users of all time and #14 in Music. Pretty stunning. I figured people may enjoy his work so here you go. Oh, and I filmed this. Please don’t let my crappy handywork destroy what was an epic showing!

We also worked together to redesign his logo, website, and create a cool CD cover for him. Sample of the upcoming CD design below. If you dig his music, why not buy a CD or twelve?
Mr Pitiful Cover

What’s this have to do with Pixelton? Well, he might be doing a little piece of music for an upcoming animation. Yay for awesome Pixelton music!

Now with Unicode support,
- Josh

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  1. Avatarbug

    Whoops, haven’t been here for a while. Looks like some nice stuff. I might just buy a copy for my pop!

    Oh, and you have Unicode now? それすごいよ!

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  3. AvatarAffordable diablo 3 legendary

    blue_tape DMC4 a system seller? Do these guys realize what they’re talking about? (No.) When people must carry out choices between food, gas and video games, most people will choose the first two.

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