Art Show & Tell, even in the darkest coldest days

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The dark days of December are eating me. I think it is a common feeling to have when trapped between two bitter seasons. But the chill has severely restricted my passion to work on the webcomic right now. Sorry. Alas, our special bond has been born through broken promises. And I’m working so much right now for my business I can’t breathe.

That, mixed with the fact that I’m having a wonderful surge with the Pixelton book. It is magic and satisfying and daring and everything the webcomic isn’t right now. I think it will be worthwhile.

What exactly have I been working on? Take a look at a ton of stuff I’ve never shared before…

Mac OS X Leopard o Joy

The above is a list of the files for the completely new and amazing Pixelton adventures. The orange and yellow means inked semi or fully complete. The neat thing is this list is now colorful for greater then half. I’ve been aiming to add at least one new page to this complete list per day.

choose your adventure

Here is a quick sample that doesn’t show much (or color). This book is HUGE though. Should be about 14 inches horizontally.  But it wasn’t always this way!

First Pixelton Drawing

The above was the first sketch for Pixelton. Kirby was originally a bear, and a pretty generic one at that. I went ahead for a good year writing with the boring bear Kirby leading the fight. Close to ten minutes before I started the pencils for the book I made a rash decision to switch the character to another originally named BRINGA. BRINGA was orange and had big triangle ears…

Metric Ton Bear

But that wasn’t before I spent months working on collateral with that damn evil bear.

First color test comic

This is the first sketch and color test I created. As you can see I was trying to do the thing in pencil and color behind. It didn’t work. And in the end this test showed me pencil wasn’t the way to go. I let this color test stall progress for months as I wondered what to do instead. Check out Fil’s original yellow tan, but he always had the crazy demeanor to contrast the passive bear.

Evil Bear KirbyEvil Bear Kirby Walking

Here are two animation cycles I made using evil Kirby. They’re pretty bad but made in vector format as Pixelton was meant to be a completely vector made book. This would allow me to get the stark contrast I wanted with the ease of having sets and editable characters.

El Dialbo Rojo

Many poses of El Diablo Rojo

For example this character (named “El Diablo Rojo”) was made in many poses…

Pixelton Pad

Excrutiating Detail

…so he could be used on any one of the many Pixelton sets…

Pink Sky


Kirby’s Neighborhood

Snafu Comics

…to reflect each background in obsessive detail. I even set them up with parallax scroll in mind. Each set has a ton of props that could be included.


Remember that map I shared in the works a few months back? Here is the vector edition. You can zoom into the city and see billboards and text. Working on this drove me insane. I decided vector may not be the way to go. I was tired of vector and was worried about the book. At this time my last book, Nothing Left to Lose was just being released through Diamond in the start of 2006.

The point in all of this is that if you keep trying you find something that works. I ended up going around full circle back to line art after two years of pain, but would the story and art be as realized without it? Who knows. I’m guessing no.

Story Arcs in Comics

Story Arcs in Comics Deux

The above is a view into the story arc of the Pixelton book. But this was one of about 50 and with each successive revision I got more interested. The story is still growing and will up until I’m ready to let it go. I want this book to be special.

( I highly recommend reading STORY by Robert McKee. I read it at exactly the right moment to try and turn things around.)

8bit Kirby Sprite 8bit Kirby Sprite 8bit Kirby Sprite

To make things you care about you have to be a little crazy. Posts like this remind me that crazy is okay if it makes you (and a few nice others) happy. Thanks for reading. :)

Written in the future for the past,
- Josh

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  1. AvatarKat

    I liked this post.

    i am too incoherent to say more

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  2. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Great. All of it.


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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    Even if nobody ever sees this book but you, Josh, it’s going to be great because you’ve poured your soul into its making. It’s an admirable thing to do, and we’re blessed to have a chance to see a little bit of how you create things. I remember reading once that it didn’t matter if you did things well, but that you did them at all… in the end, that’s the reason people should write, like I do, or draw, like a friend of mine does, or both, like you. Because it’s in our hearts and we want to try and get it out there for someone else to see. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  4. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    I hug you guys with big internet arms. Thanks…

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  5. AvatarMiddlerun

    This is really cool. I love seeing glimpses into different people’s creative processes. The street scene in particular is awesome, especially the little castle bank.

    As a physics geek I must point out that the waterfall on the map is impossible, but that only adds to its charm.

    The picture of red Fil standing on teddy Kirby is profoundly sexual. Just so you know.

    Thanks for the peek into your brain Josh. :)

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  6. AvatarTim

    I like to think that Teddy Bear Kirby and Evil Kirby represent his good and evil sides (imagine one on each shoulder). Works for me!

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  7. Avatarthat_dude

    i remember el diablo, he would blow into our store every first of the month and rob us. in the end we just gave him a job there. good times, good times.

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  8. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    You know I never looked at anything in the first color page as more than bad art, but ModRocker may have warped me. It does look oddly sexual. Ugh.

    @Tim: Ha, ha – good point! Thanks Tim.

    @That_dude: That is where he went! Bastard didn’t even share the wealth…

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  9. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Definitely very cool giving us a glimpse into your creative process, hopefully everything goes smoothly for you so I can get my grubby little hands on a copy.

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  10. Avatarbug

    Hooray for self-realization! I really love this stuff. Don’t give into the temptation to rush it out the door.

    I think I have a problem, though. I’ve found two more hobbies: minimal web design and electronic music. I think I’m going to run myself to the ground if I keep this up! It’s just so hard to say ‘no’.

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