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Free Indie Game to Break your Hearts – Passage

News: December 11th, 2007

UPDATE Jan 25, 2008: In an odd twist of fate, this post was featured in the Wall Street Journal. I’m very happy to see Passage get the press it deserves. If you’re new here – welcome! I make a fun little web comic about a town of retired 8-bit heroes. See more here! And on [...]

Art Show & Tell, even in the darkest coldest days

News: December 12th, 2007

The dark days of December are eating me. I think it is a common feeling to have when trapped between two bitter seasons. But the chill has severely restricted my passion to work on the webcomic right now. Sorry. Alas, our special bond has been born through broken promises. And I’m working so much right [...]

UPDATED: Free Bees to a good home (now with more Bees)

News: December 16th, 2007

Update: The Bees have been made visible thanks to Tim at 2P Start. Thanks Tim! BEES! BEEES! BEEEEES! For frees. A good chunk of the Freebies section is now open! If you are a budding writer or artist there are many inspirational PDF reads here for your amusement. Click here to jump through time to [...]

Animation Project: Calling all Idea Warriors

News: December 28th, 2007

You sit alone in a room and would like to make an amazing animation. But you don’t know how. And you can’t draw or animate. Like a bad D & D game you have the help of other curious ninjas, gnomes, and enchanted werewolf. You do not have to pay or work, you just share [...]

Mr Pitiful is in fact not Pitiful

News: December 29th, 2007

Happy Saturday! Only three days left to add value to 2007. No pressure. A few weeks back I went to see my buddy (and business partner) take over Chicago’s Subterranean. He is currently #69 in Most Subscribed YouTube users of all time and #14 in Music. Pretty stunning. I figured people may enjoy his work [...]

2 Hours in One Minute: Speed Coloring Video for #36

News: December 30th, 2007

Presents. Friendship. Santa’s noble but endlessly futile death. What more could one ask for in a holiday comic diversion? Stay tuned for the announcement of the BIG SUPER SECRET PIXELTON BOOK SURPRISE├é┬« tomorrow night! Stuck in 2007, – Josh