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November 29th, 2007

Career Change – Tales from a Mud Pit – Pt 10

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Thanks so much for reading! When I am voted king I will employ you as my ninjas. Doesn’t free will give us this sacred freedom?

Today’s Comic Superstar: Middlerun! Not only has Middlerun been really fun to “hang” with in the comments, he houses a secret cartoon ability which he lets loose on his blog ModRocker.net. Comics are deceptively hard (in my opinion) but Middlerun nails the humor with beautiful style. My hat is off to you sir!

Inked Page:

comic inked page sample template

Colour page: (Hey look – I’m classy now!)

colorized pixleton page template

Hidden Comic Message: No. Seriously this time. I may pop back in to update a few things in this strip that bother me and then add one, but right now no.

Coming in December: One Kirby per Day. This Week’s Inspiration: Sleep. Or the promise thereof.

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Drowning in yummy marmalade,
- Josh

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18 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Tales from a Mud Pit – Pt 10”

  1. AvatarFelonious Tub

    I sense an ending drawing near. At last the unicorn horn has come into play, perhaps for the last time. Sorry, I just felt like sounding dramatic.
    The close up of the butterfly was not what I expected but it was great and I’d just like to know where they all got their matching hats?

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  2. Avatarbug

    From mythic plot device #43: bad guys in uniforms.

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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    So what IS the butterfly’s name, then? And which celebrities do these leaves look like? THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW THESE THINGS, JOSH!!!

    Also, this comic was totally worth the wait.

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  4. AvatarMiddlerun

    Hey, a strip to call my own – thanks Josh!

    This arc keeps getting better. That butterfly cracked me up.

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  5. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Hooray! A butterfly that looks like Bruce Campbell! … Well, maybe just a bit. … Ok, so it doesn’t look anything like Bruce Campbell. Anyhoo, I bet the tree comes out looking lik-… Ok, ok, I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll bet it’ll be something like… And there’d be…. And then it’ll… Yeah.


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  6. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    You guys rock. Every comment made me laugh.

    To Felonious’ point I think I have an obsession with tiny hats for animals. When working on the book (which is themed around a hat) and an animation (also around hats) I realized I may have a problem.

    Bug: Gah! Someone noticed. Burns comic. Hides in bushes. Great thinking!

    Harlequin: Thanks! Oh, and celebrity leaves all look like Bono from U2 but their heads explode come fall.

    Middlerun: :D

    Cap’n: I do so love your comments. Thank you for them. And you have as much clue as I do what will happen next regarding the tree that may or may not be Bruce Campbell.

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  7. Avatarthat_dude

    I’m gonna guess that he’s gonna summon that girl from the ring with the TV and have her fight the Tree… IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE!

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  8. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    No, the girl from The Ring has been destroyed by an even more sinister creature. Click and see. The horror… The… Horror…

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  9. Avatarthat_dude

    my god……. if those tests are right, then we’re all doomed…..

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  10. AvatarNicki

    To Cap’n: oh my goodness! i kinda feel sorry for her now…

    great comic Josh! And im really glad that you didnt tell us where the bird stashed the boob tube…i can sleep well tonight

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  11. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Holy moly, the teletubby image freaked me out.

    Reminds me of this funny clip I saw yesterday
    about “Where’s Waldo”:

    Thanks Nicki! :D

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  12. Avatarndogg550

    Ok, this is a week late, but DAMN, that Waldo video is hilarious.

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    Career Change – Tales from a Mud Pit – Pt 10 | Kirby Comic Book | Welcome to Pixelton…

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