Animation Jam Session – A Free Contest Where Everyone Wins

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Animation Jam Session Free animation contest

Calling all artists, writers, lurkers, and invisible bears: Have you ever wanted to make your own animated short?

Well now you will have that chance. Introducing the first Pixelton Jam Session.

What do you get?- To see your idea come to life by professional animators!- Be part in making a great community animation- YOUR NAME in the credits- The ability to toss this on a resume/or to gloat to friends

What do you need to do? (Anything you’d like!)- Share your funny ideas- Write a story- Create a cartoon/gag to use in the story- Design a character- Draw a background- Do anything fun and creative and share it!

Or you can share this with friends so they can have a chance to join in!

We’re starting with a blank story slate, except that somehow the story needs to include Fil and Kirby as they start a journey in the fictional tropics of Pixelton.

Everything else is for for you to create. For us to create together. We’ll keep plugging away until we submit a full concept with storyboards to a professional animation crew to complete the project. And to help you out click on the links below to download jpeg images or vector illustrator files of Kirby and Fil. You can use them to play with, or to script your ideas to share with everyone. Or play with only. :D

And I’ll play referree to keep pushing the project forward, fil in the gaps, do storyboards, etc. Easy peasy to create a fun animation for all to enjoy.

Animation character model sheet

Download Kirby Model Sheet Images – Illustrator File (224k)

Download Kirby Model Sheet Images – Individual Jpegs (148k)

Fil Model Sheet

Download Fil Model Sheet Images – Illustrator File (168k)

Download Fil Model Sheet Images – Individual Jpegs (48k)

How will we vote on the best ideas? How will we share ideas? I have a few plans but any last minute thoughts or suggestion you guys have to make this better would be great.Also, new comic coming for Tuesday (tomorrow). Yay!

Sequentially Yours,

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33 insightful ideas to “Animation Jam Session – A Free Contest Where Everyone Wins”

  1. Avatarbug

    Mega super sweetness! Very cool idea. I’ll gladly pitch in ideas if any come upon me.

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  2. Avatarbug

    Oh, wait, how to share ideas? Hmm…how about ?

    …or or or You could choose anything that isn’t too complicated or slow (mailing lists :/).

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  3. AvatarKree

    Nooo! Not my dreaded arch-nemesis JPEG! D:

    I’ve always disliked JPEGs because they do not mix well with anything that has solid colour in it. I’m a fan of PNGs myself. Slightly larger but pixel-perfect in detail :P

    So this Jam Session will just be a big collection of assorted ideas then? Neat. I think it’d be great for them to visit that city that I saw on that map draft. I can imagine Fil has a suburb he grew up in that is made up entirely of blocky shapes. It’d be filled with all the block-based game characters, like Darwinians and Sims. I can just picture it now. Ghosts and power pellets littering the alleyways, every building either a square or a rectangle, and every now and then the SimCity bulldozer appears for a few seconds to destroy entire city blocks. :D

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  4. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Jpeg is totally evil. Lossy formats will go down in history as mankind’s greatest failure, That and possibly the word “obtuse”.

    As for the story:
    It could be one tale made up from folks ideas or ten second shorts that would be random and not connected in anyway. Your call! This is swo cwazy.

    (And I love the ideas Kree! :D )

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  5. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Wow, this sounds like a great idea. I’m going to have to rack my brain on this one. I’m usually not that creative but I’ll try to put in an idea.

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  6. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Oh, wait, how to share ideas? Hmm…how about ?

    …or or or You could choose anything that isn’t too complicated or slow (mailing lists :/).

    You are amazing Bug! These are wonderful. Tangler has enchanted me…

    I was thinking we could whip up a batch of ideas and then have an anonymous vote on the winning overall idea/jokes. So if there are any people out there interested in submitting or voting, you wouldn’t have to worry of joining in a big forum mosh pit. :)

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  7. AvatarHarlequin

    Okay, I have an idea. It’s a little ‘meta’ and existential, so bear with me. What if Kirby and Fil found a portal from their world INTO THE INTERNET? They could fly over various websites we all know and love (represented hilariously by drawings, somehow) and eventually discover the shocking truth: they are actually fictional characters. Of course, they really don’t care much. For some reason I’m imagining Fil sitting next to the comment page making fun of something one of us has said. Heck, you could even have them meet a random assortment of fans who represent us, your loyal viewers. …or is that a big much? Anyway, some kind of grand adventure through the internet would be pretty neat.

    Alien invasion? Family reunion with lots of colorful square people? I’ve got more, honest! And Kree’s ideas are awesome, by the way. Kree! We must join forces!

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  8. AvatarHarlequin

    Also, I have a Photobucket account where I can host pictures and stuff, so if I come up with anything I can link to it from there. Also also, I’m a much better writer than I am any sort of drawing person, so I can’t come up with much in the way of storyboards. Also also also, we could always set up some kind of Pixelton forum or chat room for us fans of your work. I’m actually sort of tempted to do that myself, you can get a really easy-to-use free forum from Proboards and I’ve worked my way up from member to moderator to admin on a couple of them just by being my awesome self. Just a thought!

    …well, several. All in a row. Eheheh.

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  9. AvatarNdogg

    Harlequin – the internet idea is awesome. They could run into that stick figure dude that terrorizes the animator via windows and finally put an end to his tyranny!

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  10. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Harlequin – man, I swear that is an idea I’ve been kicking around privately. I love the fact you pitched it before and better then I could. :D

    And what rocks about that storyline is that it could be filled with random little jokes and ideas from people as they pop in and out. And it makes a fun way to make fun of everything we run into on a daily basis.

    LOVE IT!

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  11. Avatarbug

    Me likey. Kree’s twisted SimCity would fit right in. But of course, a story about the internet wouldn’t be complete without a sequence on a BB/forum:

    All of the inhabitants would be represented by smilies, with Rayman-style detached hands. Fil and Kirby would be LOLed in the face by them when they first arrive. Some random local would snap a Polaroid of them, scribble “QFT” on it, and post it (somehow. on a corkboard?). They could also be the peacemakers of a flame war (started by a gratuitous “UR MOM” comment), dodging Assault ROFLCOPTERs left and right.

    Eh? eh?

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  12. AvatarHarlequin

    I like it! Kirby and Fil would experience the true horror of a LOLocaust. I also have to admit the idea of them running into us in cameo roles would be great. And then a boss battle against the mighty Farkas, ruler of their dimension! Hold A to charge your laser, Kirby! Fil, DO A BARREL ROLL!

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  13. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    HAHAHA! These are hilarious guys. I’ll get something up and you guys can have fun.

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  14. AvatarFelonious Tub

    If they’re going to invade the Internet then I think it would be just like them to visit and really mess up Wikipedia.
    Or for my idea, I’d like to see Fil and Kirby as some old school private eyes, possibly investigating the kidnapping of Cornmuffin, maybe show off some of your skills in black and white to set the mood.

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  15. AvatarNdogg

    Cornmuffin gets abducted by a rogue gang of LOLCats and it’s up to Kirby and Fil to get them back. They visit the Wikipedia site to research their newly found enemy, and are immediately set back in their plan when they learn that LOLcats, like other types of cat, can climb trees, so our seasoned tree pirate’s approach will not work on this mission.

    They may have to set up a Myspace or Linkedin account to contact other estranged 8-bit characters to aid them in their quest.

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  16. Avatarthat_dude

    all i got to say is that there better be something to do with the fact that the internet is 99% porn and the other 1% is only in your mind. oh, and make raptor jesus end up saving them or something. raptor jesus in a bikini that is!

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  17. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Every idea here is gold. You guys amaze me.

    Now to go finish my promised comic and internet party place so you guys can share and vote and make magic.

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  18. AvatarHarlequin

    A film noir bit would be excellent. Gritty, hardboiled private eyes, and a pink square femme fatale to get Fil to take the case… I like it, I like it a lot.

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  19. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Speaking of cats… Anyone ever played that Sega gem, Zero Wing? You know, All Your Base Are Belong To Us stuff? Well, the main bad guy is called CATS (with the caps and all), and maybe you could do a Pixelton tribute to it (tied in or not tied in with the whole story you guys have worked out). You know, something which takes the messed up translation and spurts it out something like this (a product of my own boredom, already posted somewhere):

    In 1776. AD
    Declaration was happening.
    Washington: What happen ?
    Hancock: Somebody set us up the paper.
    Franklin: We get signal.
    Washington: What !
    Franklin: Main screen turn on.
    Jefferson: It’s You !!
    Arnold: How are you colonists !!
    Arnold: All your base are belong to us.
    Arnold: You are on the way to destruction.
    Washington: What you say !!
    Arnold: You have no chance to survive make your time.
    Arnold: HA HA HA HA ….
    Washington: Take out every ‘red coat’ !!
    Washington: You know what you doing.
    Washington: Fight ‘coat’.
    Washington: For great justice.

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  20. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    You know, something which takes the messed up translation and spurts it out something like this

    Ahem… Lose the it bit.

    Anyhoo, forgot to pitch this in.

    Harlequin wrote
    Alien invasion? Family reunion with lots of colorful square people?

    And the obligatory black triangle of the family? With Fil’s comment or something?


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  21. AvatarHarlequin

    Ahahaha! I’m sorry, the black triangle idea is fantastic. Maybe he’s even more ostracized because he’s dating a circle!

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  22. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Of course he is. I mean, who wouldn’t be? :D Then again, maybe the triangle kid is just to hip to be square. Hmm… The Triangle Kid… I smell a western coming. Which, combined with the whole noir theme mentioned earlier, gives us a… Noir Western! *dun, dun, duuuun* (yeah, there’s probably no such thing, but what the hey).

    They could even have a duel with the infamous (shesh, two days old, and he’s infamous already, you just gotta love him :D ) Triangle Kid. Something in the lines of that ancient Atari game, Outlaw (clicky for screenshots). I would sure fit the 8-bit feel. :D


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  23. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    I would sure fit the 8-bit feel. :D

    It would sure fit the 8-bit feel. Darned typos.

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  24. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    You guys amaze me. :D

    New comic coming tonight (finally!) along with some place to throw down ideas.

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  25. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Here’s another idea (if it’s not too late) – Fil’s school photo, with all the other blocky characters (his classmates) on it. Shaped as Tetris blocks – squares, lines, “t” blocks, “s” and “z” blocks (which could be twins, or something). They could be arranged in a way that everything resembles a Tetris screen. And the photo could be framed (or just in a family photo album) somewhere in Fil’s folks home. Or something like that.


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  26. AvatarHarlequin

    I LOVE the Tetris class photo idea. It’s inspired!

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  27. AvatarFelonious Tub

    The class photo could be used as a before shot and you could show the rocky path that he went down to end up the crazy pirate he is now.

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  28. AvatarCap'n Nobeard

    Even better! :D I can see it already – in b&w or sepia (with someone’s narration in the background, perhaps?). :D

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