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November 1st, 2007

Career Change – Fistfull of Danger – Pt 8

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Kirby has no hands.

No indents or grooves or even a thumb to take advantage of. He will forever walk with adorable and woefully inefficient mittens. Orange and fuzzy, they sit on the bendy stumps he calls arms, pleading to perform deeds beyond their means. Maybe Kirby doesn’t know how weak his weapons are? Or maybe it is because they are weak that he succeeds?

I think we all feel this way sometimes. We don’t have the guts to keep on moving, or we know that what we have just won’t cut it.

As a kid I lived in a one bedroom apartment with my mom in a rundown area of town. I’d say we were broke, but saying so would mean we had the time to even quantify such ideas. She would work 2 or 3 jobs and then come home late at night sore and exhausted only to do this again. She slept on the floor on a pull out mattress, then on a hand-me-down sofa. I’ll never forget the creeky sighs of desperation it made as it unfolded from it’s hiding place. It matched my mom’s tired face. She is the definition of hero , but to a five year-old boy heroes looked so much different.

I couldn’t afford food so I wouldn’t eat. I couldn’t afford to go to have clothes and insurance so I worked daily multiple jobs a day through high school. A high-school tutor, an ice cream vendor, a balloon artist, a make-shift illustrator…And when I graduated, I realized I could never, ever afford college. Paying for gas was hard enough. It was then I was sure I’d seen the best days of my life.

The point is, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing – things will get better if you try as hard as you can and do what you love. I know this cheesy after school special message wasn’t asked for, but sometimes we need a reminder. I know I do.

I took any and every job I could until I somehow began illustrating children’s books. Sure, it was a small operation, but I had full creative control and I loved it. I wasn’t mopping floors for hours on end! Then I found design, and within a year I built a portfolio within the community college school lab. (God, if only I could’ve imagined a world where I would have had a computer in my room! How that would have inspired me to continue.)

And within yet another year I sat in a new room, at a fancy art college where I had hoped to earn a scholarship. They opened my portfolio, saw the kids books, and the designs, and he told me that this was on par with their senior level work. I was sure this meant I was in. My problems were over. My hard work was about to pay off. Then the teacher asked…

Why would you quit doing what you love? Our graduating students would be excited to do the work you do. I left the school shocked and confused. I realized that I’d skipped a step and I was scared by what it meant.

Today, I know the answer to the riddle: try. Try harder and with all of your heart. If you want something bad enough no one will stop you from achieving it. The saddest part, is that the biggest obstacle is usually ourselves. We put limits on our minds, our hopes, our goals. Never limit yourself. Never stop yourself from trying. Everyday matters more than the last. Be daring and different and impossibly you. Give meaning to the world that only you can, today, before time runs out.

My name is Josh Farkas, and I wear mittens.

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Today’s Comic Superstar: Larnman rocks. Not much more to say about that. He just rocks. Seriously. You can quote me on that. Rocks. Or maybe “Larnman R0XorZ”. But either way – rocks.

Remember to make a comment if you’d like to be next week’s Comic Superstar! I randomly pick someone who is great and insert their name for eternal internet fame in a crappy d-level comic. Yeah!

Today’s Hidden Comic Message: I’m pretty sure there isn’t one in here again. Especially one that hints at the big gimmick of the upcoming graphic novel. Definitely not. Maybe not. Oh crap.

Halloween Milk Pumpkin?: My pumpkin placed fourth in a pumpkin carving contest at Double Fine (creators of the best game ever, Psychonauts). Check out my creepy Milk Pumpkin! Better pictures here in the forum too. Just the thought Tim Schafer saw something worked on makes my lifetime.

Mac OS X Leopard: So I hopped over to the big kitty, and she is very nice. It hasn’t been without issues (I lost the comic above 2 times and had to restart from scratch) but I must say it is the best OS I’ve ever used bugs aside. I’m kind of loving working on my computer again which is a wonderful feeling since I do it 24-7! Once they iron out the kinks, it is really worth it for the speedy finder and Time Machine allowing me to sleep soundly at night.

Make my logo Bigger: As a designer I hear this all day. If you do too, then check out this amazing video! Kudos to AnnaMarie for pushing me to share this as it worth time to all pixel pushers.

Remember the Alamo!

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12 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Fistfull of Danger – Pt 8”

  1. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Everybody needs a bit of a motivational talk to get us off our backsides once in a while so this is as good a place as any to get it. Thanks.
    As for Kirby’s lack of hands, I think it’s safe to assume that there may be some sweet ninja action coming our way soon. Please tell me I’m right!
    On the topic of the hidden message that isn’t actually there, I think I’m getting an idea about the graphic novel gimmick now but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else if I’m right.

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  2. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    I think if anyone is a ninja, it is definitely you Felonious! My guess is you are right on about the epic battle and the super secret gimmick that made me start Pixelton so long ago. :D

    I’m letting the full cat out of the bag about the book at the end of this month. Time – she waits for no one!

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  3. AvatarHarlequin

    Those don’t qualify as hands at all. They’re nubs. NUBS FULL OF LIES THANKS TO KIRBY AND HIS CLAIM THAT HE HAS HANDS.


    Yeah, I haven’t commented in a while. Real life, when it shows up, has a horrible way of distracting you from commenting on webcomics and trying to think of something funny to say to make the author smile. But I’m totally back and, thanks to my training in the viking wars, have the potential to be funnier than you can possibly imagine. Or something like that. Anyway, seriously, release the graphic novel so I can buy it, make some Kirby and Fil shirts so I won’t freeze to death this winter, and… do some third thing.

    I think that covers all the bases.

    Reply to this comment.
  4. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha – amazing as always Mr. Harlequin.

    I’m hoping to get the store and about areas live this weekend, just in time for a mad holiday rush. Muahaha!

    Reply to this comment.
  5. AvatarKree

    That blue-green bear-ish thing looks a lot less menacing after that full-body shot. Maybe it’s the hunched-over look.

    As for Kirby’s hands, the way I see it, any character with adorably fingerless mitts always has an innate ability to pick up things regardless. Objects somehow manage to stick to them as if their hands were magnets.

    I suspect there’s some sort of muted telekinesis at work, either that or really sticky hands.

    Also, Kirby’s hands might be terribly inefficient when it comes to tasks that require delicate fingerwork, but I’d suspect they’d be great at throwing sucker punches with. I mean look at them, he’s got built-in boxing gloves! :D

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  6. Avatarlarnman

    When my brother was on a disney cruise, he found out that if you ask any employee or staff member if they were having a magical day, they were required to say yes. During interviews the captain would have with the passengers about the ship, he would slip in the question, or ask the people refilling the buffet line, or asking the question in the middle of several ambiguous questions.”Is the buffet open 24 hours? When is that band performing? Are you having a magical day? Will we see any marine life?” One time he asked a staff member who was on his last month of working for disney. The guy walks past him and mutters “Fuck the magic.” This reminds me of that unicorn.

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  7. Avatarthat_dude

    fear kirby’s fists of fury. for hell hath no fury as a kirby scorned

    Reply to this comment.
  8. AvatarDeanna

    I needed to read this!!!

    I grew up with self doubt…and family circumstances that contributed to that doubt every chance they could. I have been very carefully avoiding that self doubt lately but unfortunately it has been thrown in my face these past few weeks in very unpleasant ways. I am going to name this recent self doubt “JOHN”.

    I have known you for sometime now but there are so many things that we never talked about. As I read many of your writings I have come to find out that we have several things in common. I knew there was a reason we connected serveral years ago.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and talents.


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  9. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Kree: You’re right – Kirby must use his boxing glove hands for good!

    Larnman: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best ever. Love it.

    That_dude: Somebody studied Shakespeare – wink, nudge, wink, wink, wink, nudge.

    Deanna: Aww, never let fear stop you Deanna. You are one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met. Petty people put you down but you’ve got to keep plugging away.

    Go out and look for a design job TODAY. You are ready. Teach everyone they had you wrong!

    And thank you for swinging by my electric digs! Everyone’s support here means more then I can’t properly express though emoticons. Maybe ASCII art has it?

    _ |< |,,\
    _ |[>,,/,\
    _ |[|,\_,,)
    _ ((J(=_/


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  10. AvatarRaptaur

    I had a weird experience last night, it doesn’t matter how just that i did… it was listening to music, i got lost in it, it played with my head and made me think of a lot of things…

    One of them being that i need to take a chance on something, but the thing is I’ve started so many things and never followed them through to the end as to feel that its something that i want to do forever.
    So many thing that i think this is it but it never is and maybe that just because i don’t try hard enough, I suppose my thinking is that if i was what i really wanted to do then it would never quiet feel like trying?

    The only thing i have done all my life and continue to do today is play games.

    Your comments hit me quiet hard today, i can relate to them so much, except when i was a kid i got my first computer, lol, knowing my father and how he was it was probably stolen but when your 8 years old it doesn’t even cross your mind only that you have something now, and i did, and i played.

    Anyway i ended up here at this site as i was (after my experience) looking at how to put together you’re own video game, i ended up here after reading various comments and found your name.
    I instantly loved the comic and switching to the beginning i slowly read my way through all the comments and got to this one which i felt i had to write something on. I’ve never had someone to give me that ‘kick up the ass’ but this just seemed like confirmation to what i originally planned to do, to go look for that put your own game together idea…. i just hope that i have even half your strength to try and keep going and to not get distracted

    Keep up the good work, cause it is good work…

    Reply to this comment.
  11. AvatarMMA training equipment

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Boxing greats you should write about next!

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