The Prophecy is Fulfilled, with wedding bliss, a contest, and kind words circumventing my failures

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Gorgon the Adjective

Hey kiddos. I’m diving deep into working on the super-secret Welcome to Pixelton graphic novel a bit now, but a new strip will be up mid-week. I’m excited to see the book coming together and can’t wait to share the “gimmick” I’ve been teasing endlessly. You will like it and will wonder why someone hasn’t done this before. I’ll share more soon…

FIRST: Thanks very much to fellow commenter and “Grade A” best friend NDogg (aka. Nate) for throwing such a wonderful wedding bash on Friday. I’m seriously blessed to know such a wonderful guy with an equally stunning counterpart. Hope you both are enjoying the sunny beaches of Mexico!

SEGUNDO: Contest? Someone said something about a neat contest where everyone wins. Here. But then it didn’t happen. Whoever said that is evil.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THE CONTEST IS COMING AND IT IS AWESOME. Yes, everyone wins. Yes, that means you. Bur first, please help me spread the word about Pixelton. The more people that are in this the more fun it will be. I’ll make an arbitrary goal until we can begin…let’s say 175 subscribers to the RSS feed. Sound cool? Cool. If you’re reading and not subscribing sign on up to make the contest happen!
Bomb Shelter comics

IRD-THA: Bomb Shelter Radio reviewed Welcome to Pixelton and said nothing but amazingly kind things. I almost didn’t listen out of fear, and when I caved in I had my wife hovering by side to end my existence honorably if I should be shamed in public.

Here are a few choice Bomb Shelter Comics quotes:
“Definitely looks very pro.”
“Ohhh, pretty.”
“Very trippy.”
“Definitely a very good comic. If if you guys read one of the one’s that didn’t get into our top ten I would suggest this one.”

Areas of improvement:
“I’ve been reading it for a few months and I still don’t know really what the hell is going on.” Makes sense really.
They think Fil is a Now & Later candy.
I’m going to address both of these issues asap actually because I agree with them completely.

Chad, Jerry, and BMB – thanks so much for the overwhelming feedback guys! :D (Your check is in the mail.)

Then in response to the Bomb Shelter Radio Podcast I started seeing traffic from Something Awful. I have a fear of Something Awful though I am a member, but lo-and-behold this was a good thing. At Something Awful…and you know…NOT a murder like normal.

Templar Arizona
The traffic was spurred on by one of the creators of the astounding Templar Arizona who said:”The Bomb Shelter Comics guys (the ones overseeing Webcomic Idol) have a podcast up discussing the comics that just barely missed out on making the top ten this year. They mention Welcome to Pixelton! It’s goon-run, and also really quite lovely. Makes me think of candy.”

I have always had a crush on Templar Arizona so this happy news made want to finish the Pixelton book now. If you like this crap the book is better. :) So that is how we get back full circle. You can continue and begin again at the top and read through, or you can continue on below and admit failure.

Next post will be filled to the brim with comics and no more blah-blah.

Thanks for reading!

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4 insightful ideas to “The Prophecy is Fulfilled, with wedding bliss, a contest, and kind words circumventing my failures”

  1. AvatarJerry

    Meant every word of it too, bud. You’ve got a great comic here, keep up the good work.

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  2. AvatarKree

    Hey! Now that you mention it, Fil does remind me of candy! I remember some square dime-store candy I used to buy at a café beside a grocery centre, back before they decided to “upgrade” the place and close down all the itty-bitty stores surrounding it.

    Sometimes I miss the days when my monetary worries revolved around dime-store candy machines.

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  3. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Thanks Jerry. :)

    Kree, love the comment sir. I agree completely. Or the days when scrounging up a quarter and buying some grape pop was an adventure. Now my wildest dreams involve popular comic blogs and fiscal responsibility. I don’t regret things, but I do long for a place where I can get that excited about the little things again.

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  4. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Well done on the great reviews for your work, definitely deserved.
    Plus, I’m hanging out for this contest, any way I can score me some Pixelton goodies has got to be awesome.

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