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I’ve never talked about my ads before. That may be vaguely interesting to someone. Maybe. They run though Project Wonderful constantly in hopes to allure unsuspecting comic fans into my sticky candy web. I use them so much I’m a glowing testimonial. But my ads really only exist to do one thing, and they try and do that one thing well:

Insult all other ads on the page.

I find it funny. One ad talking smack. And since it is Fil talking smack it makes even more sense. Using Project Wonderful I don’t even need to place the ads, they go automatically based on some presets I’ve created.

Why share this info?

Because sometimes it doesn’t work. No one finds them funny. I lose cash. But other times it works wonderfully and then I chuckle and feel it was money well spent. Project Wonderful ads go crazy with horrible flashy animation which makes me want to vomit. I guess there are things even too bright and garish for even me.

Some examples (note they lose so much context but you get the idea):

Nuke the Internet!

All these ads suck


Wheee! I want to make more ads now. Any ideas? Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of me throwing heaps of cash at fun project where you’re in control. Plus you’ll get credit. :D

Thanks for reading!

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7 insightful ideas to “This Post Sucks”

  1. Avatarlarnman2

    You could have an arrow pointing to the ad next to you saying ” That comic makes jokes about hate crimes.”

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  2. AvatarFelonious Tub

    I like the Help me- I’m stuck in a box ad, if I saw that while surfing around I’d have to click it.

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  3. AvatarMiddlerun

    At first I thought it said the ads had Fil TAKING smack. You should do an ad about that.

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  4. Avatarphelonius

    The best part about your ads – they work. I would have never clicked on any of the other ads, but yours made me curious.

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  5. Avatarlarnman

    This is true for myself as well. But I got to tell you, the content made me stay for sure.

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  6. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Hey thanks guys! I love the ideas. Anyway I can keep my ad hatred fresh I must.

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    I’m a little late on this one but I think I’ve mentioned this before, the ad with Fil saying ‘These ads suck’ was really eye-catching. That’s what got me here :D

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