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October 15th, 2007

Career Change – Pet Rocks – Pt 6

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Hello! If you are reading this then I owe you two things:
1) An apology - Sorry. If you’ve been hanging out around here for a bit you may know that I left my cushy job as a designer in Chicago to start my own design firm. So far it has gone better then I dared imagine…but the downside comes when clients need things and I only have a few days to get it to them. I literally had about 10 hours of sleep last week. :|

So that explains a bit why this comic is so late. Still, unacceptable. I will try not to use those precious ten hours for insane items such as sleep and finish a comic or two. [handshake noise]

2) A big bowl of thanks with extra sugar - For sticking in there even with a spotty navigator. Rest assured I will be fired and then be forced to bring in my own replacement. On a free comic. That I’m sure people would have every interest in continuing. Clearly this is a well thought out plan. [golf clap]

In better news, I now can see! I picked up a snazzy 24″ widescreen LCD for my office and although I’m a day in, I think I’ve found a new reason to live. Previously all strips had been done using my 13″ laptop screen which was slowly causing me to lose my mind. If anything, the art should begin to look much nicer from here on out. [widescreen monitor dance]

One final jot of news before I hit the hay (racing against 3 am), is I went through about five books on creativity on the camping trip. Many were a re-read to get my heart back on track, but one was new. This was Julia Cameron’s famous “The Artist’s Way” which begins out as pretentious as it sounds but trails into usefulness beyond reproach. I’m going to be following through on the courses in the book week-by-week and I’ll let you know how it all works out. Should be fun to see how long I can stick to it before I get distracted by something shiny. Hey…what is…[silence]

Today’s comic superstar is: no.good.at.coding for always having some cool point of view to bring to the table. I bet you are very good at coding despite the name. :D

Today’s hidden comic message: is just one word, with letters in different panels. Easy as pie. Down the line I’m going to try and tell whole stories in these but maybe once we get out of the current storyline (which should be soon).

Funny Google search term: “HA HA I’m using the interweb” and Pixelton is number 1. Woo for Google being broken!

New? Click here to jump to the begining of the short Career Change storyline!

Thanks for reading!

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14 insightful ideas to “Career Change – Pet Rocks – Pt 6”

  1. AvatarMiddlerun

    Is choic a word? Something tells me there should be an E in there somewhere but I can’t find it.

    I also found a message telling me to behead the infidels but I assume that’s coincidental.

    Anyway, love the comic. The first panel for some reason reminds me of that surrealist painting with the melting clocks. Melting Kirby… You should do a comic about that.

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  2. Avatarthat_dude

    you know…. i want to see those rocks enact revenge on someone for no good reason. why? so fil and kirby see that there are greater threats the tree pirates…. adn thats rock vikings….

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  3. AvatarKree

    Hmm, it looks like Kirby wants to get his stuff back from Fil. Does this mean Kirby will become a ninja to match up against Fil’s band of pirates? :P

    Woah, I just noticed, that’s one fat lizard hanging off that leaf. XD

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  4. AvatarHarlequin

    Rocks suck, man. I feel bad for poor Kirby, it’s a hard thing to accept. I remember when I was trapped in my basement with nothing but a rock and a fire extinguisher for six months. That was maybe the worst Christmas ever, except for that time I got lost in the mall.

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  5. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    CHOICE? In the hidden message. Hmm. What a weird thing to appear there. Glad it has nothing to do with the comic at all. Or maybe…

    Hey Middlerun and that_dude! Thanks very much for being new commenters. I’d give you shiny badges but Fil stole them all.

    Agreed, that the infidels message is for your eyes only. I must behead all that read it without our masters approval. Hey, who are you!

    The creepy part is that that_dude and Kree are actually right on. Minus the rock vikings and ninjas (dammit!). Now the kids have a reason to have an epic showdown which I’ll probably be too lazy to draw. So I’ll imply a great battle and draw some tiny birds representing the struggle. Take that Hong Kong Cinema.

    Harlequin: Ha! (Dammit! Even when I brace it is impossible not to laugh.) :)

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  6. Avatarfluffy

    Anyone who complains about lateness of comics deserves the facepunchings that they get. Especially since they can just subscribe via RSS and get the comics when they appear. I didn’t even know Pixelton had an update schedule! Because ignorance is bliss and stuff.

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  7. Avatarno.good.at.coding

    Aw, gwarsh! *blushes* You shouldn’t have! :D Thanks Josh!

    And finally! I got the secret message! And I spotted the missing ‘c’ too *puffs chest out*!

    I loved the expression on Fil’s face in the last panel, and the lizard in the first.

    …a snazzy 24″ widescreen LCD …
    I’m soo jealous! You have no idea how expensive those things are here :( Almost 2x the price!

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  8. AvatarNdogg 550

    Did Fil the Tree Pirate happen to loot and pillage a banquet hall over the weekend? If so, I may have to have words with him in the near future.

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  9. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Guess it just goes to show how the Internet and video games has truly sapped our imaginations, but then we wouldn’t have this comic, which is kind of spooky if you think about it. Either way, nice work.

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  10. Avatarlarnman

    What’s the design firm called?

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  11. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Fluffy: You are my favorite person ever. I worry too much, but lots about getting the comic out on time. Speaking of comic lateness…

    No.Good.At.Coding: Ha, ha. Awesome. Sorry to hear about the cost there. I’ll smuggle one over if I get some free time. We’ll have a whole cartel. It’ll be fun.

    NDogg 550: Sorry man. :( I wish, then you’d have someone to be mad at.

    Felonious Tub: Thanks Mr Tub! The internet owns my imagination. Which is horrible. My kids are getting raised by Amish.

    Larnman: Hi Larnman! The firm is called MonaghanFarkas. Very lawyer-ish, which I’m not sure is a great adjective to apply to a new business. But we’re spending more time helping clients then naming ourselves anymore which is good.

    I’m also setting up a place called Cubicle Ninjas. Which will involve both Ninjas and Cubicles. That one makes more sense.

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  12. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Cubicle Ninjas. I think you just named the next big sit-com.

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  13. Avatarthat_dude

    would his boss be a pirate? or would that be the guy in the next cubicle?

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