Visual deconstruction of my Webcomic Idol potential

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So in the next few months I could be an IDOL. And no, not a singing or dancing celebrity – this title is much more prestigous. I’ve signed up for Webcomic Idol.

Can you feel the electricity in the cool night air? Hmm. Neither can I. Methinks tonights electricity is on hiatus due to God leaving in a huff a few thousand years ago and neglecting his bills. In my early training calisthenics I’ve whipped a few potential positives I have in my corner and few very heavy negatives with the potential to destroy my racoon haunted soul.

(with Glamour Shots visual aid)
Farkas future loser of Web Comic Idol

(also with Glamour Shots photo now defaced, for her pleasure)
Farkas, quite possibly the reason they invented trash cans

In full honesty dear friends – I think I have a shot at losing this smashingly. I’ve taken a look through some of the comics and I think we can last a few weeks before being beaten and publically humiliated for all to see. But where is the fun in just failing? If I fail, I’m aiming to go down not simply swinging but in the the very first round. I demand the best, even from failure itself!

Interested for more info: Click this precious support column of text which if clicked could cause the blog to implode but it also will take you to the webcomic idol so you have some options to weigh. Who loves ya? I’ll sit here and wait while you decide. K’thanks.

Here is a quick list of comics I just saw were listed and will destroy me with one hand. I only looked for a minute too. And these are only the ones I was familiar with! Shazbot. I shan’t look again for fear of madness:
Thinkin Lincoln
Bear and Kitten


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6 insightful ideas to “Visual deconstruction of my Webcomic Idol potential”

  1. AvatarHarlequin

    Wait. It’s a competition for the best-LOOKING artist? Isn’t that like judging a horserace based on who had the nicest saddle?

    Does that even make sense?

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  2. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Ha, ha – I should point out that I’m making fun of anything with the term idol in it.

    The whole contest is just to judge new comics. No glamour photos involved (which makes my odds go up slightly). I thought the photo-thing would be creepy enough to be worth a smile.

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  3. AvatarFelonious Tub

    The pics remind of those spot the difference contests, I can only find 3. lol.
    I’m going to have to vote for you just for the fact you put my name at the bottom of your last comic. But seriously, you’ve taken over Penny Arcade as my favourite web comic so congrats.

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  4. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Wow Felonious – that may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about the comic. You made my week! :D

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  5. AvatarJerry

    You didn’t listen to Bomb Shelter Radio #28, did you? Chad has a life-sized man-crush on your comic. Every year he gets a chub for one of our contestants, and you sir are this years chub.

    Granted, it’s a group decision, but we all have a say on who gets into the top 10.

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  6. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    There is a PODCAST too?! Holy crabapples.

    Anything that involves “man-crush” and my comic is instant win. Must go inflate fragile ego…

    Thanks so much for letting me know Jerry! :D

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