A Pixelton Graphic Novel Preview!

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When I started planning the real Welcome to Pixelton book, it hit me that I was about to drop about 20k of my own money into a sink hole and never see it again. That is pretty much what publishing is like – you’d be better off selling blood then selling books. And that is just the sales point of view. From a time point of view it is soul-crushing to know my nights will never see anything more than a few shelves.

But when faced with this proposition, somehow, I decided to commit to it anyway. This was when I realized I was truly insane. But all joking aside, I knew this had to be one of the most daring comics I’ve seen. I was paying for it, I might as well really go all out.

In the end I’m really lucky to have a chance to make these diversions. And if I have to eat ramen noodles and work hard to find a way to make it happen I will. It is a blessing to be able to create and share that with others.

Please hit the jump for a full look at the big shiny book that will destroy me.

The artwork below is taken from a mish-mash of scenes throughout the story. In contrast to the web comic, the book is focused on three things: Atmosphere, Choice, and Action. I really enjoy the web strips but these are things I don’t have the ability to do as well. No one wants to have me spend a few weeks drifting through the scenery where in the book I can take my time. Right now the whole thing is moving to black and white inks and then in a few months I’ll begin the coloring round. I’m very excited to hit the coloring round (as I’m closer to done)!

One thing to keep in mind is this thing is huge. I’m planning on making it 16:9 aspect ratio and close to 14 inches across. It will be full color, 200+ pages, and filled with love. Oh, and then there is always the unique things with which I tease and can’t reveal yet (sigh). While the art below doesn’t look that swell, I think the tiny nature of my site doesn’t help. These pages are simply beasts and overflowing with content. Almost everything below is a a single panel taken out of context.

The big monster we see lumbering around is Gorgon the Adjective, an octopus gone mad and now bent on a massive crime spree o’ destruction. And he is 200 feet tall (and growing) with a magic thesaurus strapped to his head. No joke.

Oh, and I guess I should share the name! The first book will be called: Welcome to Pixelton: The Helmet of Infinite Win.

Welcome to Pixelton and the helmet of Infinite Win

Welcome to Pixelton and the helmet of Infinite Win part two

Thanks for reading!

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10 insightful ideas to “A Pixelton Graphic Novel Preview!”

  1. AvatarFelonious Tub

    I have no idea what’s going on in the comic but it looks like there’s a giant turtle with monster truck tyres so you’ve already sold me.

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  2. AvatarKree

    I found Waldo! :D

    Just curious, but where will the book be published? I see a lot of comic-based books mentioned online that I’d be interested in buying, but most of them are really only affordable if you live in the US. A student’s budget doesn’t cover shipping to Australia, unfortunately.

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  3. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Felonious: As always, thanks sir! :)

    Kree: Heh – I forgot Waldo was in there!

    That is a great question that I’m still looking at to be honest. My last book I pubished all by hand and worked independently with distributors. If I go this way again I can’t see Australia geeting anything worth buying, unfortunately.

    But I’ve been in talks to publish this book through others folks with wider distribution channels, and if so that would help push it across the seas easier! Fingers crossed. Thanks for the question!

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  4. AvatarNdogg 550

    To Josh – kudos. It’s coming along SOOO nicely.

    To all the admiring “Pixelton” readers out there – Let me tell you that whatever he is planning in secret, that it will be amazing. Josh is my best friend, and I hardly know any real future details (it’s that hush-hush). Now, he knows that I have a big mouth, but forget that a minute and realize that with all that has been shown thus far to the general public, think of how impactful these huge secrets may be.

    I think we are on the brink of something huge. I am happily staying tuned.

    P.S. – yes, it’s true that since I am close to the artist, I am a fanboy of sorts, but I would also be the first person to tell him that something sucked, (hasn’t really happened yet), so know that I really mean what I say here!!!

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  5. AvatarNdogg 550

    BTW, can I preorder now?

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  6. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    I hug you. Pre-ordering is still a ways off I’m afraid. My mind is filled with ways of making this thing as cheap as possible…

    …my last book was $6 for 200+ pages and I thought it was too much. I’m going to get an ulcer when I do the real math!

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  7. AvatarHarlequin

    Despite your best efforts, Josh, I am alive! You may have prevented my quest for the REAL Helmet Of Infinite Win thanks to your viking hordes, but I stand firm in knowing that soon I will be victorious! In the meantime I’ll just continue leaving ‘hilarious’ comments for all to enjoy. But mark my words, one day the comments won’t be funny! And THEN where will we be, huh?

    Love, Harlequin

    PS: I’m gonna buy the crap out of this when it comes out. Save me nine copies!

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  8. AvatarYion

    lol is that mario on the left side of part 3?


    do you plan on color it?

    i’ll excited until u answer!^~^

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  9. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Mario?! Never! :)

    That is Red Pants Man. He has red pants and is totally unique and not copyrighted. *looks around for lawyers*

    As for color: Yes! So much color. People will go blind for all of the color. I promise. *looks around for lawyers*

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