The Pixelton Times – September 24th edition

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Bill Watterson urging calvin to be calvin

The crowds peering through the window are anxious. What does this week hold? Is there a funny comic in store, or will it be another one about the tree pirates. The suspense kills me. Ouch. Grr. Ouch.

Write schedules! Post news! Make declarations! And share article about how I broke Google. Then another about a few new things in every strip.

Pretend that I haven’t stayed up all night playing Halo 3. Share an article about the power of “the golden ratio” in comics. Watch people wish this was a comic.

WEDNESDAY: A new comic. Yippie.

THURSDAY: The Pixelton graphic novel? I share some art.

FRIDAY: Another comic!

Share an early draft of an animation starring Fil & Kirby and a magic trick gone awry.

I go camping at a place called Devil’s Lake. I’m never heard from again. This blog immediately becomes worth something. I reappear as if by magic.

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2 insightful ideas to “The Pixelton Times – September 24th edition”

  1. AvatarFelonious Tub

    Pixelton graphic novel and Halo 3 in the same week. Too much excitement!!!!

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  2. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    LOL Felonious! XD

    Watch out Bungie nation…I’ve got creepy 8 bit heroes in book form. OOOooooHHHhhh.

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