An Enchanted Island Map

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Funny Cartoon Map

Check out an early draft map of the enchanted Pixelton island (home of discarded 8 bit heroes)! I’ve been working on this for a few weeks trying to pack a ton of detail in with the hope I can use cropped sections in comics down the line. That said – I’m really enjoying putting together. Creating all of these fun nooks and crannies to explore has helped me really visualize the world better. I’d recommend anyone into creating things just to give it a go themselves for fun. Each little area seen here has a reason and a history that helps me appreciate why it should exist. For instance, I can now map the journey of the upcoming graphic novel pretty easily which is exciting.

This disheveled barnacle cove is home to the riff raff unable to make their way through the city gates. Here hundreds have dug into the muddy ground determined to find another way inside. To the East lies the air citadel and the few small tethers that keep it grounded.
Cartoon Sea Monster

This giant sea monster for instance is chained to the very core of the island, and not only physically. The very first “True Hero of Pixelton” died sacrificing himself on these wooded shores after their expulsion from the mainland. Today the tradition of Pixelton Heroes remains and the great fallen warriors of the past are celebrated through statues scattered throughout the rolling cliffs.
Leviathon comic

For an example of how detailed I’m aiming to go please take a look at the below. This image is of a fairly large section of the island.
Cartoon Map Mountains Cliff

As we zoom in we can see we are in the old city section of Pixelton, which uses primarilly stolen architecture from humanity circa the 1980′s.
comic art city

And as we reach an even closer view we can see that the architecture begins to fade as we reach the market. The building to the right is a vertical bank. The river walk is dotted with sculptures of the great “Pixelton Heroes” who have given their lives alone to protect this sacred isle. A small rusty tram rides on the metal outer rim of the main city. The sad part is this isn’t really complete. There should be windows and banners and… *sigh*
Cityscape cartoon

I’m aiming to do the next video update as a time-lapse coloring of this map. Fingers crossed for my poor Macbook! Thanks again for reading. :)


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  1. AvatarNdogg 550

    You never cease to amaze me my good friend. This is truly tremendous and even though I know you better than any of your other readers, I still ask myself how the hell you find time to do this in such a grandiose, full blown fashion. Keep it up, it’s fantastic.

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    I have to admit, when I first stumbled across this site ( via an ad on the Games For Lunch blog; the ‘these ads suck’ is really eye catching :D ), I wondered what the hell was going on ( I never had a video game as a child :( ) and to tell you the truth, I still do.

    But this is brilliant stuff, I think. I love the detailed artwork you’ve put up today and I think I like the idea of where this is heading with back-stories and the works. Hope you continue for a long, long time…


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  3. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    You guys make me blush. I can’t say thank you enough for the encouragement. Really, truly. These comments make me keep going!

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