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September 11th, 2007

Career Change

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I wanted to start this new mini-adventure off with a bang but all I have is the lame roar above. And since we all have different ideas what exciting is I sort-of took the easy way out and typed a word. But if you’d like, feel free to remove the line above and insert your own fab definition. Instead of text – I see a barbarian woman surfing through time holding Hitler’s head.

This new series is about Fil’s new job. “New job?” you say, slightly annoyed that the About page of this site still hasn’t been updated so you can learn what his old job was. Well, I’ll fill you in in! (Ha, ha, ha – gunshot)

Fil was a bit player in some of America’s most loved videogames but after the great videogame crash of the early 80′s occupations for “his kind” were few and far between. He tried his luck as doorstop but was soon replaced with a cheaper and less verbal solution. But lo-and-behold, the game market grew once more and Fil frustrated with acting found his money whoring young talent in sequel after sequel. One of these little ones went by the name of Kirby. Days became years and the studios were moving to bigger and better bits – 16 to be exact. Instead of putting the legion of creatures back to work in grand new journeys, the companies decided to find a better solution. A whole generation of heroes and villians had no place to go. Lost in the world of humanity, unfamiliar with the delicate mores of a new society they crumbled as second class citizens. Legislation was passed to outlaw these abominations (who conveniently enough could outpreform any man), and the first trains began rounding up our little friends. Days became years and a few brave souls had learned how to survive on the mean streets alone.

Inevitably Fil was caught and shipped to the island where all discarded 8-bit heroes go – Pixelton. Within this enchanted achipelago Fil needed a new way to get rich quick – but what to do in a land with aging greats? Here he founded Pixelton’s first retirement community and within days his smarmy marketing tactics had the place packed. Within the hallowed walls Fil and Kirby listen to the tales of the world’s best heroes and dream of a day when they can have their own chance to change the fate of the world.

But now Fil is a tree pirate so you can forget everything above.

For the art geeks - please check out the close-ups below. The first sample is the plain inks of this very page with one exception – Kirby has no arm. The next ink sample is why, he originally had his arm pointing up at Fil. There are a few reasons why I changed this one of which I’ll devote a whole post to later in the week. For comic kids who’d like to read ahead check out this link right here click on the link okay phew. The final is a close-up of Fil as a tree pirate and a few of his scurvey mates abound the virgin voyage of the sacred mother tree.




ONE MORE THING, and then I’ll quit typing. Thanks to all of the new subscribers over the past week. My goal is to make a funny, random, and heartfelt comic that happens to look pretty okay. I really appreciate your time and I hope you enjoy your stay here. That said, there will be free download for all subscribers this weekend. This isn’t a wallpaper or something crappy, but this “special thing” that took years (and thousands of hours) for me to make. Please spread the word and I hope you dig it.

I owe a big kudos to Tim over at 2PSTART! for submitting my comic to the Joystiq poll dealie. If you haven’t done yourself the pleasure of reading their fabulously smart videogame comic please go now. Seriously, it’s worth pressing the blue text.


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4 insightful ideas to “Career Change”

  1. AvatarYion

    woah, seriously it looks really nice!

    its awesome to read it!

    and i just have to train my drawings more if i want
    to do something like THAT awesome!

    i mean look at your color!

    its even greater then mine with only black and white color!

    thanks for making these. ^-^

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  2. AvatarNicki


    I want to be a tree pirate now!!

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  4. Avatarlira

    ju dua shum fotat shum te mir

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