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I woke up this fine morning and did the usual. Ate some Trivial Pursuit Pop-tarts (the answer was Moby Dick), stared at the vapid morning shows, and then I hopped onto my computer to begin my work day. My tiny dog shuffles back into the room I came to avoid me.

About three months back I quit my cushy day job as a graphic designer/web guy in downtown Chicago. I thought I’d be eating crackers by now. I thought my stunning wife would be finding polite ways of telling me to get a new job. But none of these are true. Things are better now then they ever have been. I’m living in a dreamworld where I can work while playing Bioshock. And one where people are excited and impressed to have me part of their team in any way. Good times.

So when I was flipping through this site’s web stats I noticed an odd link… One from Project Wonderful. Which had the word testimonials at the end. Sweet! I’m now an unpaid spokesperson for Project Wonderful.

Here’s the link to my free and utterly pathetic whoring

But this was from a long time ago now. Do I use PW still? Would I recommend it? Any tips?

The answer to all three is: Hell yes. I’m paying PW about $3 a day now on various campaigns and it is helping to spread the word. Pixelton is about to hit the 175,000th viewer mark and a good deal of this is from PW. The best tip I have is use the Campaign functionality to be as cheap as possible. You want to spend less and get more right? Create a campaign that will place any ad up to .10 cents per day if it has over 10,000 page views. This style is an instant win. You will get organic traffic for a dime. And if one works really well you can pony up a quarter down the line.

Do I think paying PW is the way to build a great comic? Well no. But I need to know people are seeing my comic to keep doing it. If they don’t then creating it is kind of pointless. So in the end it is motivation to do next week’s strip. And all of next week’s strips are really funny so I hope people keep stopping by. :D


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