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September 4th, 2007


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The first precious comic in the improved website. (Looks around. Takes a deep breath of new blog smell. Sighs deeply and hits the booze.)

Hatjinks is a comic that was created for the upcoming “Welcome to Pixelton” graphic novel, but it was too much fun to hide away til deep into 2008. This is part of an ongoing theme where Fil goes on a pathetic diatribe about a miniscule detail of life, only to get half the facts right. So…it is very similar to most blogs. Zing!

I ended up recording a good chunk of the inks on this and I thought I could speed them up and share for all to view. Sometimes I wonder how an artist goes about doing a certain technique and if they had something like this I’d sure enjoy it.

For the time being check out the images below which highlight how the Hatjinks comic looks with only inks:
Hatjinks, welcome to pixelton, choose your own adventure

And this one is of the original sketch and writing:
Sketch of Pixelton Hatjinks

Finally, thanks for taking the time to read the comic. It means very much to me and I hope to see you again soon.


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8 insightful ideas to “Hatjinks”

  1. AvatarThom

    What happened to comic 23? I have really enjoyed reading through the older comics, keep it up!

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  2. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Hi Thom – thanks for the encouragement! :)

    There are two possible reasons that comic 23 is no longer here.
    1) Twenty three was a spy for another competing video game comic and had to be publically executed for his crimes.

    2) I can’t count and skipped 23, but listed 22 twice.

    I prefer the spy explanation.

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  3. AvatarSee317

    Dropping a quick comment.
    Followed a link here from JackOfAllBlades, and was pleasently suprised.
    Really entertaining stuff here, big thumbs up to the arter and the writist.

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  4. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    You will receive a special shrine when I am king See317. Sincere thanks for your thoughts. :)

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  5. Avatarlamer

    Hahaha! This is hilliarious! Great job!

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  6. Avataradmin
    Author Comment

    Thanks so much Lamer! Btw, sweet DeviantArt page. I love Cave Story as well. We should make some sort of super gaming cult where Cave Story is the foundation for all of our laws.

    Hugs to everyone on this page. Yes, I’m comfortable enough in my sexually to go there.

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  7. AvatarBane

    Love your comics

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  8. AvatarJosh Farkas king of Happy Fun Fun Town of Magic
    Author Comment

    Thanks so much Bane. :D

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