Happy Day of Country-wide Work

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Metal Man is scary and frightening my manliness

As we all know, today is the day of Labor in here in the US. In other countries it might be known as Labour day or Greedy American Pig Day, but as World War the sequel proved these spellings are wrong. Deadly wrong.

I hope everyone is enjoying the mandatory barbeques. Enjoying them is also mandatory.

This week is mostly planned out so here is the rough schedule:
Monday: Eat too much food. Fix the site. Cry. Repeat.
Tuesday: New Comic Day!
Wednesday: Share movie which speeds up drawing of Tuesday’s comic.
Thursday: First tiny comic! Debut of the weekday size.
Friday: Tiny comic #2! The size is now a tradition.

So that’s the plan. Most of it is done so that is why I’m talking. :) Any thoughts or suggestions on the site? On the comic? On these interwebs? Please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. (Silence only eggs me on.)

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