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June 19th, 2007

Invasion of the [blah, blah, blah] – part 4

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First off, thank you so much for reading and subscribing to Welcome to Pixleton. The comic is still in the birthing stages, but every person that takes the time to read it (in spite of this) has made my day.

As a little bribery for being a nifty early adopter, I’m going to be sending you quite a bit of free swag. What could this be?
1. My last 216 page Graphic Novel: Nothing Left to Lose
2. An autographed copy of a real NES game starring Kirby or Fil
3. A limited edition print of a Pixelton comic signed and numbered by the talented artists (aka. me)
4. And an original sketch!

Not too shabby for reading an RSS feed, eh? To get your free prizes please click on the link up top and send me your name, email, and full shipping info. Magic bunnies will take of the rest. If you enjoy the bribe please help me spread the word. Honest to God, every little bit helps!

(Important note: None of your information will be used in any other way then to give you stuff. This offer will need to expire soon so people don’t take advantage of it so please only RSS feed subscribers allowed. We’re on the honor system at the moment. Thanks again for your comic love and check back later tonight for a new strip.)

Want to start from the beginning of the oh-so-epic-but-not-really Invasion Saga? Click Here!

Welcome to Pixelton, a tropical town of retired eight bit heroes

Enjoy the new super happy fun webcomic! Made for you (by me) with 8-bit retro love. If you enjoy what you see please sign up to receive the “Welcome to Pixelton” RSS Feed.


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