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The tropical island of Pixelton houses many enchanted mysteries. In our webcomic adventures we’ll occasionally stumble across a rare piece of videogame history itself! Put on your pith adventuring hats and enjoy 8-bit heaven, mined from the depths of an ancient temple of evil.

Latest Game –
Death Cloud of Death

Death Cloud of Death starring Kirby

Close your eyes and imagine a world where the very elements were against you. Now subtract all of the scary ones likes lightening, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes, leaving you with only one spooky option: Rain Clouds. Can you best the most diabolical rain cloud of them all? Forecast: Not bloody likely.


Here is where another game will sit. For now there is just this text. Can you imagine how much more fun a game will be then this text? I can’t. The text is pretty friggin amazing.

This text is also placeholder until a game kills it. How would you like to be a word…a life so short before you’ve swept back into the cobwebs of memory perchance to be used again. For shame entertainment, for shame.

I’m NOT going to put text here. Text is for sissies that read things and conjugate in future tense. Prissy bastards. I’m going to put flames here. Bitchin flames. Just you wait.

I may or may not place text here. If another game comes out I could, but like family I’ve grown all too found of the dimples and curves of this exposition. If it were a she I would have to ask you to leave the room. Hmmm….maybe you’ll want to do that anyway. Please go read a comic or something. [ Slowly places a sock on the doorknob...]

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