Tuesday | August 19th, 2008

Career Change – Boo – Pt 21

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The old saying “You can never return home” is wrong. Sure, the carpet looks a little worse for wear, and the cat still hates you, but overall the experience remains overwhelmingly wonderful.

Hero of the week: Lovetoread! Many huzzahs for recommending the wonderful Mateki which was illustrated by Yosjitaka Amano. Plus 100,000 geek cred for good classical music taste and a Final Fantasy related artist tie-in. :)

Art that is contrasty:
Pixelton funny comic artwork

Art that is shiny:
Pixelton funny comic artwork

My new segmented overlords:
Within a foot of me I have a tiny army, and each member of this clan is named Fred. They are building something special. Yep, you guessed it – I have an ant farm. So if you have any questions or requests for the Army of Fred please let me know, and I will pass them along!

Awash in present-tense,
- Josh

Notes from Graveyards

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So, I’m not dead.

I’ve silently working on the Pixelton interactive graphic novel over the past few years. It has been much tougher than I ever expected and I hope it is worth all of this effort. If I can stick to my current schedule, Book 1 will weigh in over 400 pages and land in 2015. If you enjoyed the little comics here, I hope it would be the unfulfilled promise of these internet halls.

Here are some samples of a recent inked splash pages:

The animation work for Pixelton also continues. I’m working with a few other supremely talented animators to make side-stories in this universe. The work that these artists inspires me to make the book worthy of their art. I’d like to have ten or so animations, and I believe I have 7 – 8 right now.

I’m also working with a brilliant musician in the UK to develop the soundtrack. As Pixelton will launch primarily digitally I feel this will really add to emotional experience. On my own I’ve been creating music for this project for years too. I have about 2.5 hours of music created!

Two years ago I worked with a developer to build a digital comics platform for interactive comics called Infinite Panel. My goal was to allow independent comic artists an easy way to launch comics digitally. The app was designed, developed, and worked great online, but failed when it came to the iPad app. Honestly, it wasn’t until we were working on a revised edition that I realized “Who the hell else needs this but me?!”. Infinite Panel was killed, but I learned a ton and many of these ideas found their way back into the comic.

Many years ago I started thinking up a comic class. Cubicle Ninjas is relaunching in the next month we’re going to begin releasing this class on YouTube, and I’ll post the updates here. While many artists are discussing “How to Draw” this course will be more a step-by-step guide to the tips and tricks of the industry. Planned topics include comic art tools (traditional to Cintiq), writing, interning with comic artists, self-publishing, shows, webcomics, negotiating rights, to even publishing in Diamond/Comixpedia. My hope is that it is a single resource for the less spoken about industry topics.

The long story is: the story continues.

I may not update often, but I’m here working. Dreaming of the comics I was promised when I was a kid. Trying to make something worth your time. Aiming to push something forward an inch. Once the main chunk launches I want to go back to web comic releases for book two.

Virtual hugs and hoping all is well in your worlds!
- Josh

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